In just five years, it has exploded into America's greatest automotive competition. Six of the cars on these pages will be battling it out for that special brand of glory that only comes from one event: the Asphalt Ego-Rama, Rod & Custom's exclusive performance shootout of hot rods and custom cars. The cars aren't show queens, and they're not dragstrip rats. They're real-world, built-right rods and customs that can do it all--stop, go, corner, stay on the road for hours without breaking a sweat, and make people stop and stare. The Asphalt Ego-Rama isn't a race, and it isn't a beauty contest. It's a one-of-a-kind on-the-road experience that takes camaraderie and competition, throws them together, and doesn't let the action stop until we've got one winner.

So who gets to play in R&C's prestigious playground? That's up to you. We published an entry form in the April issue, and have reduced the pile of entries down to the 15 semi-finalists pictured on these pages. Now it's your job to tell us which six will be there when the Asphalt Ego-Rama '05 hits the road. You might notice that we have a few repeat entrants. That's because, in addition to liking their cars, we like their persistance. Will that persistence pay off? We'll find out when we count the votes. Your ballot and instructions are at the end of this article.

Acceleration: Dragstrip testing determines the quickest 1/4-mile elapsed time. Lowest e.t. gets the most points. The highest gets the least.

Braking: The car that gets from 60-to-0 mph in the shortest distance wins.

Cornering: We throw down the cones and point the radar gun. Zip through the pylons in the quickest time to win the category.

Gas Mileage: We'll fill the tanks and hit the road to calculate every car's mpg fuel efficiency.

Ride & Drive: Members of the R&C staff ride shotgun (or drive, depending on if we can sweet talk our way into the driver seat) during the road trip to evaluate the ride quality, comfort, practicality, and overall impression. Don't even think about bringing a trailer, unless you're pulling it with your rod.

Engineering: R&C staffers will judge your car for technical and functional excellence, fit and finish, quality of workmanship, imagination, and attention to detail.

Budget: It's all about low-buck. We estimate the cost of duplicating each car and award the highest points to the best budget-built ride.

People's Choice: We'll take the Ego-Rama to a car show, and let the spectators vote for their favorite of the bunch.

Style: This category is about the participants, not the cars. It rewards sportsmanship, positive attitude, and overall contribution to the fun and success of the event.

Pick Six
We've got 15 favorites on the ballot, but only six get to compete in the Asphalt Ego-Rama '05. Vote for your six favorites by checking the appropriate boxes and mail this page (or a photocopy) to us.

* One ballot per person. Duplicate ballots will not be accepted
* You must pick six cars for your ballot to be counted
* You can also vote at the end of this article. Only one vote per computer will be counted.
Mail your ballot to:
R&C Asphalt Ego-Rama,
774 S. Placentia Ave.
Placentia, CA 92870

Ballots must be received by Sept. 9, 2005. Finalists will be notified by September 18. We will announce the finalists on our Web site at

Click on the next page to view the participants and their cars. There you'll be able to cast your vote for the six you think should compete in the 2005 Rod & Custom Asphalt Ego-Rama.