Heinz Westphal has had his '40 Chevy sedan delivery done for a couple of years now, although it doesn't show. It even made our list of Top 100 rods a few years ago. We were thrilled to see him come out and put it through its paces to prove it was more than just a show piece. Under that painted cover resides a detailed Chevy LT4 small-block. There's a lot of work when it comes time to tackle the interior of a sedan delivery and it looks like Heinz gave his upholster plenty of time by checking out the stunning stitching.

It's not easy to fit a late-model Ford 4.6L under the hood of a '33 Ford. When Don Troyer decided he wanted some reliable motivation for his steel roadster, he wedged it in and added a couple of blisters in the hood sides. The sculptured tan interior was carried through to the rumble seat just in case Don wants to haul some human cargo.

If you're a regular reader, you know about the work Dale Renner put into his track-nosed '33 Ford from our November 2006 issue. Just in case you missed it, the short story is that he took a jalopy with the doors welded up and did a lot of bodywork, including shortening the quarters 3 inches to give the custom-nosed roadster a better profile. A Ford Top Loader four-speed with a Jeep top backs a dressed '53 Flathead with a 4-inch Merc crank.

There's nasty and then there's mean and nasty. Somehow Bob Schumacher's '30 Chevy pickup manages to be both along with being quite nicely detailed and refined. Well-refined might not be the best description once the wicked fuel-injected big-block is fired up. As radical as the engine is, the pickup made the required cruise out to Speedway with no problems and put on a show during the acceleration part of the testing. The interior has the perfect mix of race inspiration and street rod touches.