Just in case you haven't already heard or read about it in the magazine, Rod & Custom will be heading back to the Nebraska State Fair Park in Lincoln, Nebraska, the weekend of June 29 to July 1 for the 2007 Americruise.

During the event, we'll once again have driving activities that'll keep you entertained. The first driving event will be an autocross course set up with cones in the parking lot. Each driver will be timed on each lap through the course, and, not surprisingly, the fastest time wins bragging rights and a trophy. If it's anything like last year, it'll be as much fun for the spectators as the drivers, as we're sure there will be plenty of tire smoke and wild action.

The opportunity to test your car's acceleration and braking will be available during the Go & Whoa contest. Your reaction time will be important as you accelerate in a straight line (we hope) and brake just in time to stop within a preset area marked with two lines. The car and driver who can do this in the quickest time wins. Smoking the tires right up until the time you have to slam on the brakes is optional but will bring the most response from the crowd.

If participating in these two events sounds like something you need to do, your car must have seatbelts and go through a quick inspection to make sure it has stuff like working brakes and throttle return springs. If you have a roadster or convertible and want to participate, you'll need to bring a helmet (you know how insurance companies get).

As for the tours driving to the event, we're trying to get four legs heading toward Lincoln, which will start sometime around June 23, depending on the distance needed to travel. Details are still coming together, so check back here to get the latest details. As of right now, we have Painless Performance Products signed on to lead a tour out of Fort Worth, Texas. We're still planning the route, but the start date looks to be Wednesday, June 27.

The West Coast tour has been getting some discussion around the office, but nothing is nailed down just yet, although some of the staff will most likely be leaving from Southern California and possibly heading north to take a different route than last year.

An East Coast tour is being kicked around, so don't feel left out just yet. Stay tuned right here or keep an eye on our Web site (www.rodandcustommagazine.com) for more details as they become available.

We're looking forward to another great cruise across the country and winding up back in Lincoln. Hope you can come along.

Rod And Custom Of The Year AwardsWhen we decided to hand out Rod of the Year and Custom of the Year awards at last year's event, we knew we wanted the winners to have to earn it. The two winners last year did just that. Jim Karls and his '32 Ford roadster and Gary Kuck and his '60 Corvette weren't afraid to push their rides through the performance tests, as the final results showed. The Rod & Custom Rod of the Year is open to pre-1949 vehicles and the Rod & Custom Custom of the Year is open to cars manufactured from 1949 to 1964. For the custom class, a '62 Bonneville with an injected LS1 is as equally welcome as a '51 Merc with whitewalls; we're looking for anything built to perform.

When our sister publications Classic Trucks and Custom & Classic Trucks saw the success we had with these awards, they wanted in on it too. So, if you have a truck but felt it didn't fit one of the Rod & Custom classes, you're in luck because there will be Truck of the Year (early: pre-49) and Truck of the Year (late: 1949-1972) awards up for grabs.

Entrants who want to participate will need to be at the Americruise on Friday by noon and will be parked in a specified area. The R&C, Classic Trucks, and Custom & Classic Trucks staffs will go around and select the Top Five in each of their respective classes based on the following judged categories:

* Exterior Design* Fit and Finish* Interior* Engine Compartment* Undercarriage

Once the Top Fives have been selected, it'll start getting interesting. They will each be ran through a safety inspection, and then they will make some timed runs through the autocross course, do a 0-40-mph acceleration test and a 40-0-mph brake test on Saturday. The best car in each event will be awarded 100 points and the rest will be awarded a percentage of points based on how close they were to the best time. On Saturday night, these 10 cars will be required to participate in a cruise (Reliability Test) to somewhere in Lincoln. The cruise will be pass or fail-if you make it, you get 100 points, if not, you get none.

Such A DealWhere else can you have this much fun for just $20? That's right, pre-registration is only $20 and includes a vehicle, a driver and co-pilot credentials (kids 15 and younger get in free), a goodie bag, and your chance to take part in any of the activities listed.

* Americruise Tours* Go & Whoa* Autocross Course* Rod & Custom Rod of the Year Competition* Rod & Custom Custom of the Year Competition* Manufacturers' Row* Super Prize Giveaways

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