Gettin' There
We left California with five cars to drive to Peoria. I had my '23 T-bucket for which I had won America's Most Beautiful Roadster at the Oakland Roadster Show in 1970, and I wanted to prove to people that you could drive those kinds of cars to car shows. Also along for the trip were Lance Miller in a '23 T-bucket with a blown Chevy, George Solomine in a '32 Ford three-window, Bob Burton in a '23 T Volksrod, and Don Specht in a '15 T roadster.

We left San Francisco and got as far as Reno, where Lance lost a starter and radiator (which fell into the fan). We called back to my shop and had Sue ship a radiator to Cheyenne, Wyoming. Don hooked a 6ft towrope to his roadster and towed Lance 740 miles to Cheyenne doing 70 mph!

After getting repaired and back on the road, Lance lost the blower. Luckily we had a spare intake and carburetor under the hood of Bob's Volksrod. That was the last major repair we had to do and made it into Peoria.

After all of this, and driving 2,000 miles one way, a guy wins the Best Car Award with a car that got there on a trailer. -Andy Brizio