Monday, August 20
Hot Rod Week! Planned to hit some of the tours as we double our way back to Tahoe for some R&R before heading to Pleasanton. As we headed out, it was painfully apparent that there were no gas stations in the direction we went. One of the guys ran out of gas, so Judy and I turned back to help remedy that issue. Before heading into Sacramento for the tours, we first went on an impromptu tour of our own to a private car collection in Napa Valley.

Next stop was Sacramento Vintage Ford where they served up a nice lunch. Huge shop, lots of retail space. Couldn't resist picking up a couple of things. A timely stop as a fastener was obtained there for a quick fix to an ailing radius rod on one of the cars. Hadn't made more than a few blocks when his fuel pump then went out. Fortunately a PEP Boys store was just down the street and had a pump in stock. Running a little behind now forced us to change our plans for any more tours and head toward our evening's destination at Lake Tahoe for a couple of days. A few others of our group split off to visit friends. Everyone would meet later in Pleasanton.

Wednesday, August 22
The little things that seem to go wrong were now behind us as our leg to Pleasanton was next. Back down the hill on US 50, (I really would like to do that in a roadster some day) hang a left onto I-5 in Sacramento and on to Pleasanton to meet up with the others. According to the odometer on the 'Flying A' that Eric was piloting, we'd driven 1690 miles. Perhaps our favorite place to attend an event, Pleasanton offers great accommodations, walking distance from the fairgrounds to town, and great places to eat.

After a great a weekend of ideal weather, we headed out Sunday afternoon following the awards presentations, stopping in Sparks, Nevada, for the night. Hot and windy up to that point, just windy the rest of the way. Intending to get home a little quicker than our trip out, we interrupted ourselves a couple of times for more impromptu tours. First, while still in Sparks, the shop of arguably the best Eddie Myers collections anywhere, then the Flying A Garage in Winnemucca. When the museum there is finished it will be a "must stop" when traveling I-80. Finally, for our night stop in Wendover the Bonneville salt flats were too much to resist. Too wet to venture out on, we instead parked at the edge of the pavement for some photos using the salt and mountains for backdrop. The rest of the trip was uneventful except for a cloudburst just fifty miles from home. I discovered that my windshield wiper was no match for wind gusts and had to rely on peering through the rain drops to get through the storm.

General consensus of those who went on this trip; Can't wait to do it again.