The Hot Rod Reunion was one of the events I used to travel to from England to attend, along with the old West Coast Customs Paso Robles event, before I made the big move across the globe. It has remained one of my must-do events ever since. While I'm not a die-hard drag racing fan, there's something about the mix of vintage race cars and nostalgic hot rods that appeals to me, and this event offers so much to see and do, both on and off-and away from-the track that it's an action-packed weekend.

It's easy to see why it's become the premier gathering of vintage drag racers and their cars-quite apart from the fact that it also hosts the finals of the NHRA Heritage Drag Racing Series-and 2009 saw the 18th staging of the Reunion at Famoso Raceway, just north of Bakersfield, California. Whether you wanted to spend all weekend in the bleachers watching the racing, park up in the tree-lined Grove or at the end of the track, tour the pits watching the teams prep their cars, or browse the swap meet or vendor booths, you couldn't fail to have a good time. Then there's the evening entertainment, with race cars firing up on nitro in the hot rod-filled parking lot of the Doubletree hotel on Friday night, and the insane cacklefest on the track Saturday night, making for long days and sore feet!