What's the point of having old cars? Is it to go to countless shows and show off your creation? Is it a status symbol or accessory to your lifestyle? The guys who own the cars you see here have a different approach. For them it's not about the show, the status, or politics, but merely about getting in the vintage tin and driving.

I like these guys and call most of them friends. They love a chance to get together and go for long drives in the city or out in the country. I had an idea one day while talking with my friend Marion. We should grab as many 1933-34 hot rods as we could and go for a hot rod run up the Angeles Crest Highway (California), a winding two-lane mountain road that takes you high above Los Angeles.

It didn't take long for us to get several people and vehicles together, the group representing a great cross-section of Ford's Model 40 models. The idea was that it was all those old girls' 80th birthday and they needed to stretch their legs out on some windy roads through the Angeles National Forest.

Chomping at the bit to get out there and drive, most of the guys involved were from the Barons Car Club and the Roadster Club out of Pasadena. A few friends from the central coast came down for the hell of it to complete a group comprised of Bonneville racers and gearheads. We all got together for the love of the cars and the fun of driving, no fairground shows or BS, just miles and miles of fun with friends.

Starting out in La Cañada Flintridge, the planned 80-mile run turned into 120 (round trip) miles to the very top of the San Gabriel Mountains before I photographed some of the cars to compare the different models. Happy 80th birthday Model 40!