The trunk, however, was upholstered in tangerine twill to match the exterior of the custom. A Sony 12-disc CD player with 200-watt amplifier provides the tunes while Don cruises the Riv. Living not far from Philadelphia, Don makes the cruise scene often

As we said, the car is a head-turner. As such, it has brought home many awards from shows. "People just can't stop talking about that paint," Don says.

Drivetrain: The Riviera's motivation is provided by a painted and detailed, near stock, 401-cube nailhead outfitted with an Edelbrock Performer manifold and 750-cfm carb. A two-speed automatic, providing a reliable combination for cruising, backs the engine. Dress-up items are destined to be added, but for now Don wanted his custom functional and drivable.

Chassis: The Riv's chassis is a freshened, stock X-design equipped with Eaton Detroit 3-inch lowering coils up front and trimmed stock units out back.

Wheels & Tires: The '63 rolls on a quartet of 15x8 Luxor chromed wires wrapped in 235/75R15 radials sporting 1 1/4-inch whitewalls.

Body & Paint: A lot of subtle, but extensive, bodywork has been performed on the Riv. The top has been angle-chopped, 3 inches in the front and 4 inches in the rear. The door handles have been shaved, custom taillights fabricated, and sculptured lines added to the edges around the front and rear signal lights using small-diameter tubing welded to the edges of the openings. To play off these added peaks the center section of a '68 Mustang hood was grafted to that of the Riv. A glass-smooth coating of House of Kolor Candy Tangerine was then applied by Extreme Auto Painting.

Interior: Don's cousin, Fred Carello of Warwick, Rhode Island, stitched up a subtle yet distinctive interior for the Riviera. Though similar to stock, the new, pleated, crme-colored Naugahyde with tangerine scallops complements the car's classy, yet not overstated, exterior perfectly.