Body: The front and rear pans are molded and protected by a pair of matching nerf bars. The grille is from a '58 Corvette. The profile of the headlight openings matches the profile of the openings for the custom Lee taillights. The headlights are frenched using '54 Merc extensions. The rear wheel openings now match the front wheelwells, and the rear quarter-panels match the front fenders. To accent the symmetry, Harvey added trim from a '58 Chevy. He also took 2 1/2 inches out of the top and molded a scoop on the rear section of the top. Dual antennas were sunk into the left door.

Paint: Harvey painted the custom with House of Kolor Candy Urethane Burgundy that looks as good today as it did 20 years ago.

Interior: Barton's Auto Upholstery stitched the Chevy's pearl white pleats with accents that match the exterior paint. Chevy buckets are used up front and the spacious rear seating was donated by a '60s T-bird. The trunk was upholstered to match the interior and a special cover was made for the area between the radiator and the grille assembly. The steering wheel came from a '58 Chevy.