Dan Kruse
Monrovia, California
'00 So-Cal Cruiser

Drivetrain: This hot rod might only have two cylinders, but it still packs plenty of punch. The experts at Bill Chambers Racing assembled a 96ci Evolution out of a Delkron case, S&S rods, Harley-Davidson pistons, and Axtell cylinders. The heads are also HD Evo pieces, which are actuated by a Mackie cam and fed by an S&S carb. Jimmy Shine fabbed the pipes, and a '98 Delkron five-speed tranny case filled with Andrews gears and a Primo clutch was tapped to channel the power. While some Japanese bikes are shaftdrive like a car, and most Harleys are chaindrive, the Cruiser uses a Primo beltdrive hidden in a custom vented housing by Shine.

Chassis: A '98 Atlas frame was chosen for the project and then stretched 5 inches to accommodate Dan's 6-foot, 4-inch frame. An Atlas swingarm works with White Brothers rear suspension and Ceriani forks to keep the ride cushy. A 34-degree rake lends the proper attitude. Every billet part on the entire bike has been "aged" by rounding all the sharp corners and shot-peening all exposed aluminum for a duller, more "cast" appearance. This is a trick we could actually use on the hot rod side, as well.

Wheels & Tires: The bike has bigs 'n' littles just like a rod, but backwards! A 19-inch Akront wire wheel resides up front and an 18-inch version rolls out back. Avon tires were used for their period-correct image.

Body: The bodywork is the truly the highlight of this fully custom cruiser. The front and rear fender and tank were all hand-fabricated by Shine, as well as the taillight, oil tank, and fender struts. So-Cal Speed Shop's legendary metalworker Birdman whipped up a pair of teardrop-shaped air cleaners for either side of the motor, one of which actually serves as a housing for the bike's electronics. Shine wired the bike exclusively with YNZ cloth-covered wiring, just like a traditional rod. A K&N (not the air filter company) handlebar is attached to HD risers, with a 6-inch bucket headlamp bolted to the front.

Paint: So-Cal Speed Shop's in-house spray men Tim Beard and Bryan Fuller coated everything on the bike that wasn't chrome or blasted aluminum with a thick coat of PPG Black enamel. Every part was rubbed out and buffed to perfection, and the detail work is amazing.

Interior: Finishing touches can make or break the end result of a custom vehicle, whether it's a car or bike. The So-Cal boys realized this and came up with some pretty cool ideas for the cruiser lifted straight from the hot rod camp. The '47 Indian floorboards are topped with a clutch and brake pedals from a Model A Ford, and the hand shifter is actually a '39 Ford top-shifter piece. The tan leather saddle is also from Indian.