Chassis: Frames are a specialty at The Roadster Shop, so O'Rourke and his crew whipped together a new, pavement-hugging foundation using the company's boxed and C-notched rails and a tubular X-member. The flat front crossmember is pushed forward 2 inches, and the rear crossmember is raised a like amount. Rear suspension consists of a triangulated four-link with All-American coilovers. Up front, a mono-leaf spring, So-Cal hairpins, and Pete & Jake's shocks connect to a roadster's original Vintage Chassis I-beam (you may be more familiar with the Chassis Engineering name) that's now drilled and plated. A Deuce Factory sway bar and Mullins steering column attached to a Vega box are also part of the program. Functional Fakes disc brakes bring the front end to a halt, with stock drums attached to a 4.11:1-geared Ford 9-inch out back.

Wheels & Tires: Just like Deuce roadsters, American Torq-Thrusts never go out of style. The roadster wears 15x4- and 17x9.5-inch versions, with Kleber 145/SR15 and BFGoodrich 275/60R17 radials.

Body & Paint: The '81-vintage Gibbon body still looks great. It's fully reinforced with steel tubing and now wears an original Ford cowl vent. A Wescott grille shell with a Dale's insert leads the way up front, followed by a Rootlieb hood with a Dan Fink hinge system. The windshield and posts are chopped 3 inches. Around back, custom body corners surround the Rock Valley fuel tank, while a frenched license plate mounts above it. Lights are Arrow and '39 Ford, the former mounted on a modified '32 Ford headlight bar. The Roadster Shop's Steve Vaughn sprayed the DuPont Centari finish. Color is Porsche Guards Red.

Interior: The Roadster Shop's Craig Pfluger helped craft a custom seat to accommodate Bill's lanky frame, covering it and the rest of the soft parts with tan leather. Bill built the Auburn-style instrument panel way back in 1981; it's still filled with Steward-Warner dials. A Mullins column and wheel complete the Spartan cockpit. The trunk, like the cabin, wears tan leather and square-weave carpet.