Wheels & Tires: Cast-finish American Torq-Thrusts (15x4.5 and 15x7.5) mount on Commander 5.60x15 (front) and L78x15 (rear) wide whitewalls.

Body & Paint: Okay, the chop is obvious, but here are the numbers: 5 1/2 inches in front, 3 3/4 inches in back, plus a little widening (1 1/4 inches front, 1 1/2 rear) and 3 3/4 inches of additional length. The hood is shaved, peaked, and filled with 160 louvers. The decklid has rounded corners and 143 louvers. You'll find louvers on the custom firewall, too. The door handles, front fender vents, and gas door are long gone. Tom gets credit for the bodywork, as well as the VW Cosmic Green paint that covers the body, frame, and bellypan. 'Striping is by Ken Jacobs.

Interior: No frills here--just a custom dash with Stewart-Warner gauges, custom column with a Mullins wheel, and cut-down Volvo seats with green-and-white Naugahyde upholstery. A custom rollbar and Juliano's seatbelts provide safety.