Vince & Donna CiganikPittsburgh, Pennsylvania'54 Ford Victoria/Sunliner

Drivetrain: After four decades in storage, the parts from Vince's old racing engine were used to assemble the Ford's '57 292ci Y-block. This includes Jahns pistons, an Isky cam, and a Mallory distributor powered by an MSD box. A polished Fenton intake supports three Stromberg 97s and feeds a fuel/air charge into ported and polished heads. Finned dress-up parts abound, and an 11-inch clutch ties the mill to a '64 T10 four-speed.

Chassis: The underside of this custom is quite mild considering all the mods on top. Vince merely cleaned up the frame and rebuilt the stock suspension, installed a Jamco sway bar and lowering springs, and plugged in a '57 Ford rearend. It still runs four-wheel drum brakes.

Wheels & Tires: The classy rolling stock consists of 15-inch T-bird wires (with custom-painted Lincoln starbursts in the spinners) and Coker 215/75R15 whitewall radials.

Body & Paint: What began as a Victoria hardtop is now a 2-inch-chopped, folding-top convertible. Other mods include a '56 Dodge grille, '56 Olds headlights with reduced-size bezels, and a raised hood accent. Working toward the rear, you'll find custom quarter-panel scoops with '58 Cadillac trim, '54 Packard Clipper taillights, a trunk-mounted fuel filler, and '55 Studebaker license guard. Trim is '53 Pontiac mounted upside down, and the lakes pipes are dressed up with bendable exhaust tubing (for the ripple effect) and installed with seatbelt latches. Howard Eggers did most of the fabrication, Joe Koscevic and Bill Strauser got it ready for paint, and Kunze Designworks sprayed the custom-mix, fade-away (front-to-back and top-to-bottom) blue hues and various scallops. Guy Shively laid down the lettering and pinstripes.

Interior: An eclectic mix of parts works surprisingly well together inside. The '56 Olds dash looks right at home, as do the '56 Lincoln wheel and '54 Mercury power seat. Other elements include '53 Pontiac door panel trim and '65 Mercury rear seat trim and speaker enclosure. The rolled and pleated tan vinyl is Chuck Siscco's handiwork. Tom Cartmel wired up the custom harness, and Rick Mokel installed the Vintage Air system.