Body: Starting with a Brookville body, the Rad Rides crew cut and raised the rear quarter sections to better fit the tall tires. The guys also sliced and reshaped the fuel tank, tucking it higher and closer to the body and giving it a slight curve to match. A stainless frame surrounds the recessed license, the '39 Ford taillights are frenched on a taper, and custom-crafted body corners finish off the rear. A chopped (2 inches) and curved windshield frame brings the front glass into proportion, while the firewall is welded and smoothed. The custom-made hood top is stretched 3 inches and uses a MG center hinge and custom-fabbed hidden stainless latches. Commercial-style headlights with sectioned buckets flank the nickel-plated grille and mount on custom stainless headlight stands/shock mounts. Naturally, the fit, finish, and gaps are spot on; color is a subtle gray/green by Glasurit. Winners Circle does the detailing.

Interior: Jim Griffin Interiors gets credit for the soft stuff, stitching green-dyed buffalo leather over a modified Glide seat and custom door and side panels. Gray carpet covers the floor. The dash sports a '33 Plymouth instrument cluster, and supports a So-Cal column with a custom drop and a painted '40-Ford style Giovanni billet wheel. The vintage auxiliary heater under the dash actually houses speakers and a pull-on ignition switch. A custom shifter-with one-off boot and trim ring-directs the Tremec transmission.