Body & Paint
Bringing the body to this condition took a combination of sheetmetal massaging and swap meet searching. The massaging was done at Drag-N Shop, where the seams were filled and the top chopped and relocated forward. The hood was modified to clear the spotlights and shaved of all ornamentation. The side strip was retained with two pieces welded together to create a seamless piece where the door handles once were. A replacement grille was installed in place of the unsalvageable original. The rear bumpers are from a '42 Buick, with bumper guards modified to house custom-built taillights. The body is finished (for now) in urethane primer. The light purple shade has changed slightly every time the car has been blocked. Paint will come when Ron is ready. He's not in a hurry to cover the elaborate pinstriping on the lower decklid, created by Froggy at the Drag-N Shop.

The idea was to leave the interior as original-looking as possible, which Ron says was harder than modifying it, due to all the hard-to-find old parts he needed to replace. The seats and door panels were treated to maroon and white Naugahyde, applied by California Upholstery. The original wheel was replaced with a restored banjo wheel, and the original instruments also had to be replaced. A fabricated instrument panel was built under the dash for additional gauges after the car was converted to 12-volt. The dash was trimmed with a mini skull and more of Froggy's first-class 'striping.