Measuring UpIn the article "The Hardtop Chop" in the April issue, you said the roof sloped up from the back and you had to make several cuts to make it right. I think you should have told the readers the right way to chop a top instead of telling them to cut a little bit, then if it's not right, cut a little bit more. The way to cut the A-pillar or any other leaning pillar is NOT to measure 4 inches along the pillar. By doing it that way, it'll always be wrong. The right way is to put a ruler straight up and down on the windowsill and then put a T-square on it. Then mark a spot on the A-pillar and move the T-square up 4 inches on the ruler and mark another spot. If you measure the distance between these two marks, you'll see that it's more than 4 inches, but it'll be right and also be level.

I like the way you're showing more of the guy in his garage doing the best he can on the money his wife will let him spend.Ted FosterVia E-mail

We were showing how that guy chopped that top. No doubt, there are different and maybe better ways to do it. That's the great thing about custom work-it's a personal expression and every chop will take on a feel of its own. Just as we stated in the article, we don't think anyone should follow a formula when cutting a top; they should stand back and drop it until it looks right to their eye.

Black Can Be BeautifulHoly smokes! An absolutely jaw-dropping cover. That '34 on the May cover is pretty much every car I drew on my notebooks from the early '60s until now. And the cover itself, a close tie for First with the February 2001 cover featuring Idzardi's Purple People Eater. It's been a while since a car magazine cover made me exclaim out loud. Thanks.Sam TateSan Diego, CA

Great-looking three-window and I was very pleasantly surprised to find that it is running an early Cad engine instead of a bellybutton engine like most rodders run. I love it when I find a car that's running a Cad, Olds, or Nailhead. Keep up the great work; my renewal will be mailed tomorrow.Lee SchelinLong Beach, CA

The May issue has become one of my favorites as well. We liked Robert's coupe so much we couldn't decide which shot we liked best, so we did two covers for the May issue.