If you think it's impossible to build a hot rod on a next-to-nothing budget, this modified is ready to prove you wrong. The twist to the story is that owner and builder Jim Crews wasn't intending to build a modified before fate connected him with this sweet '27 track T.

It all started with a steel '27 T touring body with the back half hacked off. One of Jim's co-workers had dragged the abandoned body out of a dump owned by his departed uncle and deposited it in his mother's garage. After 25 years, the mother wanted her garage back. The co-worker didn't want the body, so he passed it on to Jim, free of charge.

Total cost so far: $0.

The Model T frame was a gift from one of Jim's neighbors who also had a garage to clean out.

Total cost so far: $0.

It took actual cash-but not much-to lure the '84 Ford four-cylinder engine and transmission out of the local salvage yard, but Jim turned around and swapped the four-speed for the T5 he really wanted.

Total cost so far: $150.

You get the idea. We won't continue with the dollar-by-dollar tally. Suffice it to say, with only a buck and a half out of pocket, Jim was well into a hot rod project he never really intended to start.