Moldy Marvin, friend of the late Roth, filled in a few details of Orbitron's life underground. Roth, the story goes, had sold the car to Darryl Starbird for next to nothing. Starbird subsequently sold it to somebody in Texas, and the famous custom bounced through a series of reputable and disreputable owners, ultimately ending up in the hands of a carnival owner in Mexico, who removed the 'glass nose to show off the chrome, and added a radiator in order to drive it around the carnival grounds. When the carnival owner was killed in 1991, the car went to his nephew, who parked it in front of his business, under the impression that his uncle had built the car.

Orbitron was, in fact, built by Roth in 1964. It never generated as much attention as Roth's previously built Beatnik Bandit, or Mysterion, but in the years since, has become one of his best-known creations. As this is being written, Michael is considering how to proceed with the restoration of this unearthed treasure.