Rod & Custom Feature Car
Owner contact info:
Ciarra Christian
Carson City, Nevada
1933 Ford Pickup

The stock frame was notched front and rear and treated to a raised front crossmember and a Model A rear crossmember. A Speedway Motors buggy sprung front suspension was installed with Chevy spindles and brakes along with a homebuilt Panhard bar. A modified wishbone, homemade Panhard bar, and buggy spring keeps the rearend in place. Speedway shocks handle ride quality duties front and back.

The Chevy 350 was machined and assembled by Mike Hughes and dressed with a 3x2 intake, Corvette valve covers, and homemade headers. A Chevy T5 transmission with a NAPA clutch and a Ford 8-inch rear with 3.73 gears and limited slip round out the power team.

Wheels & Tires
1933 Nash 17-inch wheels are surrounded with 6.50 and 7.50 Firestone bias-plies.

Body & Paint
The top was chopped 7 inches and the body was channeled 3 1/2 inches before Ciarra and her dad got ahold of it. The '34 passenger car grille was sectioned by the owner. Lettering was done by Dale Weber at Weber Graphics. A '37 Chevy donated the headlights and taillights and some old barn wood was used as the rear bumper. Nickel plating was done by Joe the Chromer. A 9-gallon Model T fuel tank was installed in the bed.

Some of the highlights inside are the Speedway bomber buckets covered with leather upholstery stitched by the owner, a '40 Ford steering wheel, and owner-fabricated pedals.

Removing a body's paint can reveal a lot of secrets, some good and some not so good. When Ryan sanded the paint off of this International 1/2-ton he uncovered lettering revealing its roots as a State of Idaho Public Works vehicle. "It was awesome to see what it was used for when it was new," Ryan said. The old workhorse has since been chopped (8 inches in front and 7 in the rear) and channeled 6 inches over the radically Z'd custom frame while at Wrecked Metals in Boise.

The '46 Dodge bedsides and custom tailgate are topped with an owner-built burlap sack cover. Ryan found some rare Lincoln 11-inch finned aluminum brake drums for the front and mounted 12-inch Buick brakes in back. Custom engine and trans mounts support the '61 Buick Nailhead and Dynaflow. The rearend is also Buick, with a ladder bar and coilover suspension.

Ryan's a young gun but he's been into hot rods since he was 5. He bought the pickup when he was 16 and did much of the buildup himself, with help along the way from his dad, who is responsible for passing on the hot rod gene to Ryan.

This was Ryan's third trip to the salt with the pickup. He's driven it to school and work too many times to remember.