Rod & Custom Feature Car
Owner contact info:
Ryan Hamel
Reno, Nevada
1936 International Harvester Pickup

The custom frame by Wrecked Metals in Boise, Idaho, has been Z'd 7 inches in front and 17 in the rear and the wheelbase stretched to 116 inches. The suicide frontend features a 4-inch dropped I-beam with original '37 Ford spindles modified for Ford F-100 Bendix front brakes with 11-inch Lincoln finned aluminum drums and split wishbone front radius rods. Custom engine mounts and shock mounts were added. A Buick rearend including 12-inch rear drum brakes was installed with ladders bars and coilovers. A 10-gallon Moon tank holds the fuel.

The '61 401ci Buick Nailhead gets fed through a Weiand log intake manifold with six Holley 94 carburetors with stacks. Buick finned aluminum valve covers and a Vintage Speed finned valley pan dress it up. A '61 Buick Dynaflow transmission with custom-built shifter completes the front to rear Buick running gear.

Wheels & Tires
Dodge 18-inch accessory wheels in the rear and 16-inch Dodge artillery wheels up front complement the truck's profile thanks to the tall Coker Firestone Deluxe bias-plies, measuring 4.50/5.00-16 and 7.00-18.

Body & Paint
The cab was chopped 8 inches in front and 7 in the rear by Wrecked Metals and then channeled 6 inches. Other body mods include suicide-hinged doors and the 2-inch widened rear window. The bed is made up from 1946 Dodge pickup bedsides with a custom-drilled tailgate. An original International Harvester grille and insert is flanked by a pair of Guide 682C headlights.

Genuine WWII bomber seats with military canvas upholstery and 3-inch belts give Ryan a place to sit while cruising. The original International Harvester gauges are still in use along with an owner-built custom steering column with an International wheel.