In the wide and wonderful world of hot rods, the story behind the trio of '32 Ford roadsters presented in this story has the option of being viewed as either extremely diverse (in the case of the owners and builders) or incredibly similar (by the materials, parts, color, and style selected). Starting with the people, each of these cars began in the mind of its unique and individual owner long before the first bolt was ever turned. The look of each of these cars originated decades ago at the dawn of hot rodding, and photographic examples of this period can be found in the pages of Don Montgomery's hot rod history books-themselves the blueprints for multiple generations who were not there to witness and feel the excitement of WWII-era hot rodding. Those were the days that had begun in the mid-1930s with a handful of eager speed chasers pushing the limits in their stripped-down machines, and by the closing of the Second World War, legends were already being made of names like Edelbrock, Iskenderian, Navarro, Spencer, and Xydias.

It's difficult to think that the original pioneers had any idea just how deep their influence would run in the world of hot rodding, but thankfully they were there to set the gears in motion, and they never looked back to question the process. As for the parts and pieces that make up these three cars, it's a similar mixture of original and reproduction 1932 Ford, and the selection of these parts will be further detailed in the following stories. Each of the cars was inspired separately, but the trio came together at the So-Cal Speed Shop, and Rod & Custom was lucky enough to be there as the interesting trilogy unfolded.