Rod & Custom Feature Car
Larry McCullah
Fullerton, California
1926 Ford Phaeton

Discarding the stock T chassis, a new long wheelbase frame was constructed from 4x2-inch steel, Z'd in the rear with a Model A crossmember, and utilizing a suicide front spring mount. A Posies spring hangs from this, suspending a V8-60 tube axle on split '40 Ford 'bones. Heavily drilled backplates are featured on the Lincoln drum brakes, while Model 40 lever arm shocks control bounce. A Cornhusker pedal assembly operates a dual Chevy master cylinder; a Wilwood proportioning valve part of the stainless steel brake system. The quick-change rearend came from Hot Rod Works, with Ford bells containing axles also from Hot Rod Works. Pete & Jakes ladder bars locate the rearend, while P&J shocks and more Lincoln brakes round out the axle, hung on a Posies Model A-style spring.

Until the DOHC motor re-appears, the Riley four-port-equipped '32 four-banger is a fine substitute. Fed by a new Stromberg 97 on a Taylor intake, it features internal goodies like custom Taylor H-beam rods, on the stock crank. Built by Taylor Engine in Whittier, CA, the balanced and blueprinted 8:1 compression 'banger pushes exhaust out through a Reds header into glasspack mufflers. Anaheim Gear rebuilt a Chevy T-5 trans, using a 510 casing with World Class internals, using a custom clutch with a 9-inch Ford disc.

Body & Paint
Malcolm Farrant tackled the required metalwork before the body was prepped with particular attention paid to leaving any factory weld marks and seams. Larry is a fan of bright yellow, selecting a Corvette hue to match his Hummer. Commercial '28 headlights provide a modicum of light to see by, the stock windshield and frame was chopped to give more of a hot rod feel, and Kiwi Steve fabbed a rear bumper of sorts, which looks like a spreader bar, and off which the rear lights and license plate are mounted.

Wheels & Tires
The 16x5 Borani knock-off wire wheels give the tub a look of its own, finished in red to match the engine block. Firestone bias-plies are the natural choice for a rod of this period, with 5.25s up front and 7.80s at the blunt end.

The stock dash contains a full complement of Stewart Warner gauges, and topping the stock, but modified, steering column is a Ford "Fat Man" removable four-spoke wood-rimmed steering wheel. Those pink handcuffs are Larry's security system, preventing the 'wheel from being stolen, and were given to Larry's daughter by the famed Sheriff Joe in Arizona when she worked at his correctional facility, where the inmates all wear pink! A Painless wiring harness hooks up all the electrical components. Bon-A-Rue upholstered the front and rear seats and door panels, diamond plate-design rubber mats cover the floor, and A/C is provided by Mother Nature.