Mark's Story
('28 Model A Roadster)
I've wanted a traditional hot rod for quite a long time. I started by looking for a Model A Ford. A roadster was my first choice, but I was open to a roadster pickup. I found this particular car on craigslist in Oklahoma City. It had been restored about 30 years ago, I'm told. Once I got it home, I immediately tore the fenders off-who needs fenders? I wanted to do a pre-war-style hot rod, something that a guy would have done before 1942.

I decided to keep the banger motor and put a few speed parts on it to help the performance. Also, to stay with the early hot rod-style, I opted to keep the mechanical brakes and the running board aprons. The motor has dual Stromberg 81s on a Zephyr intake manifold along with a Winfield high-compression head. In addition to adding '35 Ford wire wheels, the steering column was modified to accept a '38 V-8 banjo wheel. My nephew, Bryan, helped with changing the windshield to a deluxe folding type.

I looked at lots and lots of old pictures to see just what a young guy would have done to a car like this before going off to the war. I am very lucky to have a good source for Model A parts here in Denver. Many thanks to Steve and Phil at Bert's Model A-they have just about anything you would need ... and lots of good information too.

A good description of this car would be: A simple, stripped-down roadster to reflect the very first hot rod.