Take the Hemi for example. Dana purchased a supposedly rebuilt 325ci engine, though White never felt comfortable with the quality of the rebuild. "I kept telling him it would be fine," he says, "and we finished the entire car. Finished-paint, interior, wiring, everything. Then we fired the Hemi and ... Houston, we have a problem. Jimmy did a little 'I told you so' and we pulled the engine for a rebuild by Fernando Alonso at A&A Garage, who does all of CCHR's engine builds." That little upset meant the car couldn't be driven into the Grand National Roadster Show, where it was shown for the first time opposite the CCHR booth, but it's been running just fine ever since. So fine in fact that White is convinced that this car sees more road miles than any other hot rod his shop has built.

As for Dana's opinion? "The last time it was on a trailer was when I delivered it to the shop. It just needs driving, and about 50 years worth of patina to accumulate." But, we had to ask, is it still your wife's car Dana? "Yes," was his short reply.

Rod & Custom Feature Car
Dana & Melanie Harvey
Santa Ana, California
1933 Ford roadster

Despite buying a roller, the only parts that made the final cut were the body, or most of it anyway, and the chassis. An original FoMoCo product from 1933, the frame was boxed, and now has a dropped front crossmember and CCHR-built rear crossmember, which mounts a SO-CAL Speed Shop '40 Ford transverse spring. An original Mor-Drop 4-inch dropped, drilled, and chromed I-beam mounts up front via SO-CAL batwings and hairpins, with a Vega cross steer setup and SO-CAL Panhard bar. Original '40s Lincoln drum brakes are actuated through a twin reservoir master cylinder/booster by a CCHR-fabbed pedal assembly.

The '57 325ci Dodge Red Ram Hemi was machined, rebuilt, and assembled by Fernando Alonso in East Los Angeles using a stock crank and rods. Bored 0.60 over stock, it uses Ross forged pistons with Egge rings and an Isky solid lifter cam. Bob McKray rebuilt the cylinder heads to stock specs using Isky springs and stainless valves, while a Hot Heads water pump keeps vital cooling fluids moving. Triple two-barrel Rochesters on an Offy inlet feed the go-juice, an Ignitioneering ignition provides the spark via PerTronix wires, and a set of one-off headers by Jimmy White, using '36 Ford torque tubes, removes what's left after the suck-squeeze-bang-blow cycle does its stuff. A Steve Sharp Racing-prepped TH350 with a 2,500-stall TCI Automotive converter sends power down the Unitrax driveshaft to a Currie 9-inch rearend, hung on a SO-CAL Speed Shop four-link and filled with 3.55:1 gears.

Wheel & Tires
Though the roadster wore wide whites all through the dry build, once finished they were switched out for Firestone blackwalls, 7.50-16 and 5.00-16 on the rear and 16x5 ribbed versions at the sharp end. Those are '49 Ford 16x5 steels bolted to each corner, powdercoated black, and wearing 'caps but no trim rings.