The cockpit features some unique touches: a rearview mirror styled after a '55 Porsche Speedster; Corvair gear selector under the '35 Ford dash to mimic the cowl vent lever; and a brass casting of Pat Flaherty's Indy roadster from 1956. A leather-wrapped stock '39 Ford steering wheel and column along with Stewart-Warner gauges complete the picture.

Power is supplied by a '65 Chevy 283 engine with Edelbrock intake and stock Tri-power Rochester carbs, a Duntov 30/30 camshaft, smoothed Chevy manifolds, and Corvette valve covers milled to accept Automotive Hammer Art inserts. A Steve Long brass radiator keeps things cool. The mill is backed up by a '70s Turbo 350 transmission and a '48 Ford rearend with a Dick Spadaro quick-change.

One mark of a true craftsman is knowing when to bring in another for the sake of quality and time. Denny knows the final result is improved by letting another artisan contribute their work to his project. Mike Griffey of Muncie, Indiana, created the supple tan leather interior with tuck 'n' roll seats, map pockets, and V-8 stitched floorboards. Griffey also wrapped the rear springs in matching tan leather with laces, a tip of the hat to the early automobiles Denny is so adept at bringing back to life.

Denny bartered some metal forming for frame and suspension work by Steve's Auto Fab in Jamestown, Indiana. The tub rides smoothly on American Stamping '32 'rails. Up front is a reverse-eye cross spring with a '40 Ford split wishbone and a Magnum 4-inch dropped axle pushed out in front of the grille shell. Carrera shocks and a stock '29 Model A spring handle the bumps out in back. There are '40 Ford wheels wrapped in Firestone rubber that move the little modern A-V8 down the line.

The tub came together just in time for the 2010 Street Rod Nationals without regret from Denny. Though he had to push some paying customers to the back of the line, it was worth it to finally see a long-delayed vision come to fruition. "The best part," Denny says, "is being able to take my wife out for dinner and a slow drive along a country road in the car of my dreams." Some dreams are well worth waiting for, even if it takes 20 years.