Signs of rust had started to show in several areas beneath the recent black and gold paint. After everything Dr. Dan had been through with the car, he couldn't give up now. So, he sent the '55 out to WCC in Long Beach, California, to be painted by Pete "Hot Dog" Finlan. Black and gold were the only instructions provided.

A few months later, the '55 Chevy arrived back at Austin Speed Shop. The paint was so beautiful, it's not even worth trying to put into words; flake, pearl, scallops, lace, flames, pinstriping. The paint has almost every custom trick in the book, but at the same time, is somehow subtle. It's just one of the few cars you really have to see in person to fully appreciate. With such a stunning paintjob, nothing else on Dr. Dan's "daily driver" was good enough. So, the shop got back to work.

The bumpers were sucked in, and the chrome redone. The stainless was all straightened and polished. The engine was dressed up with finned valve covers and a custom painted Caddy air cleaner. A Corvette grille was installed, gauges were changed back to stock, chrome reverse wheels were added, and the interior was finished. Sean "Fat Lucky" Johnstun stitched up the interior at the shop using a '68 Cadillac bench seat that was cut down to make custom buckets. A full-length custom fiberglass console with a tuck 'n' roll insert and Stewart-Warner gauges takes up the space between the '60s-styled seats.

It turned out to be the type of car that stops you in your tracks. Every time you look at it, you'll likely notice something that you didn't see before. Even when he was 16 years old, he never dreamed he'd have a '55 Chevy like this. The car is currently away from home going to car shows around the country, but when Dr. Dan gets it back and begins to drive it regularly, he will be complete once again. He will just be plain old Dan ... the kid with the old '55.