The same can’t be said for the car’s chassis, nor the engine for that matter, despite it being a straight-eightbut everything is Buick in nature. The ’49 now rests on a ’69 Buick platform, C-notched and fitted with Fatman spindles and Firestone air springs, while the engine, still from the family of Fireball 8s, is a few years newer (1953). About the only thing beneath the sheetmetal that is from 1949 is the three-speed transmission. For rolling stock, Justin fittingly chose to run with 15-inch wheels shod in All Star wide whitewalls and adorned with Cadillac sombrero hubcaps (it should be noted that the Buick’s rear quarters come from the ’48 Cadillac, another one of Earl’s efforts!).

Though built in Australia (where it was honored with Australia’s Most Beautiful Custom award), the Buick has spent the majority of its post-build life where it was originally createdin the United States. Starting with the Showcase of Kustoms in Long Beach and ending up most recently at the Grand National Roadster Show, Justin has taken it upon himself to show the car at all the right places in the United States, but we’re pretty sure he’d like nothing more than to be back Down Under with the ’49 once and for allbut surely not as much as his wife, Sam, would!

Rod & Custom Feature Car

Justin Hills

New South Wales, Australia

1949 Buick Sedanette