In fact it wasn’t long after that when the siren’s call of another race car inspired Moilanen to market the pickup. “I found it on eBay,” Ray observes (just to set the record straight, it was an error and not Ray’s doing in the May ’11 issue that credited him for the pickup’s construction). In fact, the only contribution he’s made beyond maintaining the car was switching the rear wheels. “I put on a set of original Halibrands that I’ve toted around for 40 years,” he says. “I bought ’em in 1969 right from Halibrand for $250.” For the record, that’s the same as paying $1,567.34 today. “That’s why I’ve dragged ’em around for so long.”

It might be pretty rare for a car to feature a second time, unchanged, within such a short time. And it’s just as rare that an old race car from drag racing’s golden age survives to tell its tale. But that’s nothing compared to how rare it is for one to go back together so completely bitchin’. We’re confident that it’s worth our repeat performance.

Ray Simpson

Portland, Oregon

1941 Willys Pickup

Rod & Custom Feature Car