SEMA is known not only for its products but for its extravagant cars and trucks. This year at the 2013 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada we decided to take a look at some of the cars and trucks outside the main building and we have to tell you, what we stumbled across was pretty wicked. Jeb Geenstone and Shawn Davis over at Cutworm Specialties, Inc., out in Hayesville, North Carolina, made a totally custom 1930-1931 Ford Model A dually pickup that was grabbing everyone's attention. In fact, it even caught the attention of UPS as their first annual "Ride Your Hauler to SEMA" contest winner, which is why it was there. Winners of the Ride Your Hauler to SEMA" contest got the chance to show off their ride. When asked how long it took him to build, Greenstone said that it took about 6 months time.

The first thing we noticed besides the large crowd of people around it was its stance -- slammed to the ground! Utilizing a rear suspension that is 4 linked with air bags and a front suspension with torsion bars, this Model A sits only a few inches off the ground. Calling itself, "Aluminum Dually" this Ford has a body and bed that has been hand fabricated from 1930-1931 Ford Model A truck aluminum based sheetmetal. The chassis has also been built from scratch.

For an engine they chose a 1967 Lincoln 460 that has been bored 0.30-inches over, uses Kaase P-51 aluminum heads, and roller cam. Total amount of horsepower from this monster: 575-600. This is all backed by a Ford C6 transmission and a Dana 780 HD differential.

The interior has also been completely hand made from the steering wheel down to the pedals. The only thing that wasn't and made inside were the Classic Instruments gauges.

Greenstone and Davis did a phenomenal job on this Model A pickup and it really was a crowd stopper.