There's only one word that describes this car: Bitchin'. We caught the unveiling of Automotive Racing Products (ARP) and Alan Johnson's one-of-a-kind 1953 Studebaker race car that got up to 228 mph at the 2013 Bonneville Speed Week. There were so many people crowded around this car at the 2013 SEMA Show that we had to stay long after the presentation was over just to get some photos.

Underneath the hood of this beast lies an Automotive Specialists SB2 369ci V-8 bored over to 4.175. So many modifications were done to the engine we thought it would be best to list them out for you below. Great work to everyone who contributed in helping this car get up to over 200 mph. It was a pleasure to see this one in person.


1953 Studebaker

Owners: Paul & Betty Gilliam
Block: GM
Heads: GM SB2
Fasteners: ARP
Rods: Carrillo
Crankshaft: Callies
Clutch: Tilton
Pistons: Mahle
Rings: Total Seal
Cams: Crane
Head Gasket: Cometic MLS
Valve Springs: PSI
Push Rods: Trend
Oil Pan: Billet
Valves: Del West
Lifters: Crane
Rocker Arms: T&D
Belt Drive: Xceldyne
Carburetor: Holley
Fuel Pump: Holley
Ignition: Crane
Coil: Crane
Oil Pump: Auto-Verdi
Damper: ATI
Water Pump: Edelbrock
Intake: Edelbrock
Headers: Johnson's Hot Rod Shop
Transmission: Jerico 5-speed Air Shift
Bellhousing: Tilton
Dry Sump Oil Tank: Peterson