Rod Birkland
Portland, Oregon
1931 Model A Pickup

While 15-year-old Rod Birkland was riding along with a friend on Artesia Boulevard, in an area called Dairy Valley in California, he saw a cab and frame in a farmer's lot. The farmer agreed on $100 when Birkland enquired if they were for sale. As he told us, "I mainly built this car on my own, working in garages located behind the Original Pancake House, owned by my parents in Anaheim. Sundays would draw quite the crowd. My first wiring jobs started a few fires, which set me back some. First, I had a Flathead V-8 in it, later I installed a 327 Chevy and a Corvette four-speed.

"With the help of my dad and some guys like Stanley Betz, who helped me with the paint and the louvers, I put the finishing touches on it. Our neighbor, Mr. Moore, of Moore's Upholstery, helped me put the upholstery in. My dad and I spent many hours on the Santa Ana freeway between Moon, Ford Obsolete, and miscellaneous junkyards looking for the rest of the parts to complete the pickup.

"By the time I was of legal age to get my learner's permit, the pickup was ready to drive and it became my first real car. The picture with me was taken on the day of my graduation from Anaheim High School in 1962. I worked on many other cars with my dad through high school, until I finally got tired of the smell of Liquid Wrench, Bondo, and having skinned knuckles."

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