Tom Gossard
Payson, Arizona
3 Fords and a Chevy!

Tom Gossard has always been interested in the history of hot rodding, and has owned some sort of special-interest car since he was 14 years old, plus many Whizzer, Cushman, and Triumph motor bikes. According to him, “We never had good cameras or seem to have taken even the not-so good ones with us to the drags, but here are some of the photos I have been able to save. They're all taken in front of my parents' house in Burbank, California."

The '32 Vicky is Gossard's current ride, a rebuilt lakes racer that was chopped back in the '60s. He runs the Deuce through the drags now and again, in the mid 13s at 101 mph. It runs a 355 Chevy, Muncie four-speed, and 9-inch rearend, with the original axle dropped and filled and mounted on a four-bar. The only time it's seen a trailer was when he dragged the rusted bullet-holed body home!

The Model A roadster was his second car in 1954, paid for from the proceeds from a paper route, followed two years later by the '40 coupe he drove through high school. When he owned this car he joined the Accelerators Car Club in Burbank. By 1957 it had a 5/16x1/4-inch Merc Flathead with three Stromberg 97s, Potvin Eliminator cam, Edelbrock heads, dual exhausts, 3.78 gears, and 8.20x15 rear tires. He ran the coupe at the San Fernando drags, turning 90 mph.

By 1959 Gossard had moved on to a mild custom '55 Bel Air. The car was shaved, dropped, re-painted red with Buick spinners, dual pipes, a 265 with a four-barrel and overdrive, and pinstriping by Ed Roth.

Tiny Tucker
Seneca, Missouri
1934 Ford Sedan

Bobby Allen sent us this great picture of his uncle, Tiny Tucker, and his '34 Ford, back in 1949. It had a '42 Mercury engine that came out of a car that ran whiskey out of Texas back in the '40s. Tucker made the fender skirts and added Model A rear spring shackles to the front to raise the front end. The '48 Merc wheels used '41 Plymouth beauty rings. What we're curious about is why the front was raised?

Tucker went on to own several hot rods over the years, including a '39 Ford custom, '51 Ford two-door hardtop custom, and three '34 Fords, as well as a '47 Ford.

Roy G. Peterson
Madison, New Hampshire
1951 Plymouth, 1930 Model A pickup

Roy G. Peterson tells us he owned this '51 Plymouth in 1955. It was nosed, decked, and lowered, with a split manifold and dual steel-packed mufflers. He's always wanted a hot rod but could never afford one, until he finally purchased the Model A at the NSRA Northeast Street Rod Nats. It has a '30 cab and shortened bed on a T-bucket frame with a 283 Chevy. In Peterson's words, "I've only waited 50 years for my first hot rod, but I am enjoying it immensely."

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