Lou Reade
Rosemead, California
1954 Chevy sedan

One of Lou Reade's first cars was this '54 Chevy (below), mostly stock other than the spinner hubcaps and long lakes pipes. Lou paid (in installments) $250 for the car. He hardly knew anything about mechanics or maintenance, saying if it weren't for local junkyards with used parts, he would never have learned anything. In his words, "In those days junkyards and cheap spray paint cans were the heartbeat of building low budget cars."

Going through a lot of low-budget cars through the years, last year Lou traded a panel truck for a stock '50 Chevy hardtop DeLuxe with a 235ci six-cylinder. After going through the motor and replacing the rubber hoses with stainless steel lines, he added a set of twice pipes and lowered the car 3 inches in back and 2 inches up front. At 72 years old he won his first-ever trophy for Best All Round Showing!

Case de Jong
Ontario, Canada
1936 Ford pickup

Case de Jong acquired the '36 pickup you see here some four years ago. It had been restored to original in 1982, and driven regularly until the owner was no longer able. The Jongs used it as it was for a year, then spent two years upgrading it. It now boasts a Ford crate Boss 302 with Edelbrock intake and Holley carburetor, Sanderson headers and Walker radiator, backed by a T5 five-speed and posi-equipped 9-inch rearend.

A Heidts Mustang II–based IFS with disc brakes was grafted to the frame, with Coker radials and Wheelsmith wires bolted on all four corners. The Jongs had the stock grille chromed as well as the bumpers, the front being from a coupe. Originally the truck was dark green with black fenders, though the Jongs modernized it a little with two-tone metallic green.

Diamond Trim in Aurora re-upholstered the truck in leather, including wrapping the steering wheel and adding German weave carpeting on the floor, while Classic Instruments handled the gauges after reworking the originals was tried.

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