"I've always loved the look of a Model A sedan done right—in a sea of killer coupes and roadsters, the body style really stands out," Brian Auderer, April 2014.

Couldn't have said it better myself. Of course, I'm a huge fan of Tudors and when it comes to the Model A variety, it's hard to beat a chopped 'n' full-fendered sedan.

Brian Auderer's 1929, as you can see, is presented properly in the style of the late '50s/early '60s—a task completed by Austin Speed Shop (ASS)—most notably Kail Withers, Keith Tardel, and John Joyo—in the amazingly short span of two months...all whilst attempting to settle into their new digs, if you can dig. Admittedly, this was not a full, frame-off build, mind you, but a substantial amount of work nonetheless, especially considering that a good portion of the workload was "redoing" a lot of previous attempts, namely concerning the chop.

The story begins many years earlier, however—back around 2002 to be exact. Fellow Kontinentals club member Joe Cabral had initially purchased the sedan, an original '60s hot rod, from collector John LaBelle. Cabral immediately sent the 1929 to a newly opened shop in San Antonio, where, let's just say things didn't turn out quite as intended. Fortunately, two other club members, Reggie Hill and Steve Wertheimer, stepped in and saved the day (most importantly, Hill righted much of the chassis' wrongs; the aforementioned metalwork above the beltline, on the other hand, was left to be). Raymond Rupert, at Reliable Hot Rods in Cabral's hometown of New Orleans, continued the mechanical rehab, ultimately getting the sedan in roadworthy shape, allowing Cabral the opportunity to finally drive it.

So, where does Brian fit into the equation? Well, his affinity with the Model A sedan began to transpire "inspirationally" with Cabral's 1929, and his initial plan was to build one from scratch—he got so far as acquiring a body with which to begin. Things never really took shape but the desire to have the sedan he'd been dreaming about never faltered. "I had always been knocked out by that car," Brian recalls. "I had been close to all the players involved—they were my friends...in fact, my roadster had also gone down to that same shop and came back worse for the journey."

Before long, Brian learned that Cabral was toying with the idea of selling the sedan. Brian continued, "I got in touch with Joe and told him that if he was serious about selling the car, he should sell it to me—keep this one in the Kontinentals family, as it were...there had been so much history between friends, and hardships along the way, I just couldn't see it going to a stranger."

Long story short, the Tudor changed hands yet stayed in the familial club. Brian subsequently drove the wheels off the 1929, thanks in no small part to the previous efforts of Hill and Rupert—but soon enough, his original inspirations peaked, and the talks were on with John Joyo to have ASS finally make those dreams come to fruition. Here's Brian's account of that marathon two-month project:

"Once the [shop] had moved into their new location we went for it—completely redoing the car in time for the upcoming Round Up...disassembling and blasting the car down to bare metal so we could see what was going on; there was a lot of Bondo covering up bad metalwork on the chop and rust patches beneath. The shop crew recut the top and all the bad repair work and better aligned the pillars.

"We had lined up Travis "Tuki" Hess to do the paint. His style seemed like a great fit for the car and he felt like he could handle the fast time frame. The only issue? Tuki is in West Virginia. His friend Danny works at the speed shop on weekends and volunteered his long hauling skills to go visit his friend and run all the parts out to him. Tuki got the idea that we were looking for right away and mixed up a custom color with gold pearl in it that really makes the car pop. The first question everyone asks is, ‘What is that color?' My answer lately has been, Deluxe Tomatillo, a nod to the really tasty green sauce from Chuy's, a South Austin Tex Mex institution started by fellow Kontinental and custom car guy Mike Young.