Rod & Custom is, from this issue forward, merging with STREET RODDER magazine. This is not an editorial or publisher-level decision, but as part of our parent company's re-branding as TEN: The Enthusiast Network. R&C was just one of the "victims," along with Custom Classic Trucks, Popular Hot Rodding, Camaro Performers, and a number of other titles.

We didn't want this event to pass unmentioned, and felt a celebration of your and our favorite magazine was in order. However, it was but a scant six months ago that we brought you a special issue celebrating 60 years of Rod & Custom, with almost entirely archival content. We have neither the intent to repeat ourselves, nor the space to commit to doing something similar, as we'd already put 90 percent of this issue to bed when we received the news. For those who are interested in an even more in-depth history than we covered last December, search out a copy of the 2004 book 50 Years Of Rod & Custom by Thom Taylor and the editors of The Rodder's Journal.

So let's concentrate on R&C's three premiere issues and its three "final" issues, a couple of our most memorable project cars, as well as the badges, buttons, T-shirts, and even shorts requesting and celebrating its return. Thanks to all the staffers over the years who made R&C what it was, and to the readers for ensuring none of us had to go out and get "proper" jobs!