It’s a bit deceptive. At first peek, Howard Henry’s truck is instantly recognizable as a ’36. There’s no mistaking that nose. But when you stop and think about it, eventually the thought hits you that Ford didn’t use that grille on their trucks—ever. That’s actually a leftover from a ’36 roadster that Howard had built previously, but that happens to blend perfectly with the truck’s styling.

Howard’s truck boasts a long, convoluted history with more twists and turns than a bowl full of earthworms all hopped up on caffeine—or not. The truck spent its youth in typical pickup truck fashion, hauling stuff. It eventually found its way into Howard’s driveway via Boyd Jarrett. Howard then used it as a daily driver, hauling himself back and forth to work at GM for a number of years. When Howard retired, he and his wife, Kathy, up and moved to Nokomis, Florida. Once settled in, Howard decided it was time for a rebuild. He tackled the vast majority of the modifications himself and after two years of cutting, welding, grinding, sanding, and wrenching, he hit the road, quickly logging over 57,000 miles in his hot-red hauler. Howard has much in store for his truck in the future, 99 percent of which involves driving it.