We have also had some pretty high-level interest in the club, as several of the venerable old guard have offered to help out with tech stories and other articles. In fact, I have already planned a story with Mr. George Barris himself, who is going to open up the shop and teach us how to do a fadeaway paint job for only $300! It doesn't get much cooler than that. We are also in the planning stages of a Young Guns project vehicle, which will show you how to build a mid-'50s to early-'60s full-size coupe for less than the cost of a Honda Civic (and it should be a hell of a lot faster, too). So now the question is, do we build the car with a contemporary twist (big billet wheels and modern paint) or with traditional flare (flat paint or primer, painted steelies, whitewalls)? This is your club, so why don't you decide! Write me a quick E-mail about what you think the Young Guns project car should be, keeping in mind that we're working with a tight working man's budget. Describe your vision of the ultimate street bruiser, from the body style to the paint and engine. I'll tally everything up and let you know what the consensus is in a future issue. Who knows, ya might even end up seeing your idea turn into a rolling reality! -Dan Dan.Kahn@primedia.com