Painless Performance
(800) 423-9696

The "final touch" for wiring on any classic car or truck is the new ClassicBraid Wire Wrap from Painless Wiring! This "cloth-look" wrap looks like OEM harness wrappings but is made of strong, fine mesh materials. Laterally split for easy installation, ClassicBraid resists abrasion, metal cuts, and retains shape beyond 300 degrees F. Sizes: 3/16, 5/16, 3/8, and 1/2 inch in diameter. See the Painless catalog online for more information.

Dearborn Deuce
(860) 669-3232

The all-steel Dearborn Deuce convertible is designed with the timeless look of a '32 roadster but with the added convenience of power side glass and a completely disappearing convertible top. Built with a full-steel sub cage and double-wall panels for added strength. Since 2004, this award-winning body has proven itself a solid value.

Street Rod Bracketry
(866) 330-0428

When details matter, Street Rod Bracketry has you covered, providing hot rod enthusiasts with accessory mounting options.

  • Alternators, A/C compressors, power steering pumps
  • Unique
  • Affordable
  • Practical
  • Clean and functional design
  • Easy adjustment
  • Precision machining
Custom design service available. Visit their website to view their complete line of brackets. All items are made in the United States.

Viking Performance Inc.
(800) 236-6001

Viking Performance's made-in-the-USA shocks are lightweight aluminum and feature 19 positions, each of independent compression and rebound adjustment for a total of 361 valving combinations. Shocks are available as coilover or smooth body, with a wide range of mounting options. Add Viking's high travel, made-in-the-USA coil springs for the ultimate package. Viking's double-adjustable shocks start at just $169.95.

Maradyne High Performance Fans
(800) 403-7953

Maradyne High Performance Fans offers the Jetstreme II Series of dual-shrouded fans for maximum cooling. The Jetstreme series all measure 26x15 with dual 12-inch fans and are available with 130-watt motors rated at 2,310 cfm, 160-watt motors rated at 2,600 cfm, and the Jetstreme Platinum with 225-watt motors rated at 3,100 cfm.

Adam & Eve

Adam & Eve's holiday sale:

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(800) 256-5425

KICKER produces stunning audio to make your weekends even more enjoyable! PX-Series audio gear was designed with the hot rodder in mind, featuring subwoofers and speakers that require no space-hogging enclosures, tiny amplifiers that do not tax your charging system installed in glove compartments or previously unusable spaces, and loud and clear enough to be heard over road and wind noise.

Brothers Trucks
(800) 977-2767

Brothers Trucks has the perfect gift to brighten up your 1947-87 Chevy and GMC truck's appearance. Don't waste your time and money re-chroming your pitted or damaged originals. Brothers' exact reproduction emblems have show-quality chrome plating and exact painted areas that will last for years to come.