Every good rod or custom builder knows that perfection is in the details. Some details are pretty subtle, but they make a big difference in how people--including show judges--react to your car. You've probably watched people staring at an eye-catching vehicle, often taking a while to figure out exactly what's different from stock that makes it so appealing, and you've probably heard that pleased "Aha! That's cool," when they finally get it. That's subtlety making a big impact.

Hagan Street Rod Necessities' Frenched Headlamp Kit is just the sort of little extra touch that can make your project really stand out. Hagan's Kits are available for most popular cars and trucks. As you'll see below, you can't call the installation a bolt-in. You'll have to do a bit of cutting and welding. Body and paint work has to be done afterwards, too. However, the results are certainly worth your efforts.

We followed along as Clay Mullis of Full Tilt Street Rods in Grand Junction, Colorado, installed a Hagan Frenched Headlamp Kit. The procedure is identical for most single-headlight cars and trucks. Mullis also used the Hagan Kit in the trophy-snagging '50 Chevy shown in our lead photo above.

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