On With TraditionRhode Island Roadster Company is proud to introduce the first of a long line of exciting, new nostalgic hot rod products, its Traditional Hot Rod Fenders. These lightweight, durable, cycle-style fenders are duplicated from an original, early Ford spare tire cover. They're made of high-quality, hand-laid fiberglass with a smooth, gelcoat finish. They measure 5.5 inches wide and come in an extra-long overall length of 36 inches, allowing you to trim and shape the ends. The fenders sell for $110 per pair, plus shipping. To order or for more info call Scott Jezak at Rhode Island Roadster Company, (401) 624-8030 or fax (401) 624-8323. Or you can visit www.riroadster.com to see their new line of products.

SO-CALSo-Cal Speed Shop is proud to announce the availability of its new stainless headlight bars. These stunning examples of traditional styling are crafted using high-quality, investment-cast polished stainless steel mounts and a tubular stainless crossbar. They can be used for mounting club insignia, a V-8 badge, etc. Bars are fabricated for specific chassis, A-V-8, standard Deuce, or pinched-nose-specify width when ordering (widths are measured between centers of the mounting flanges). For more info on these or all of So-Cal's line of traditionally styled hot rod parts contact, So-Cal Speed Shop, 1357 E. Grand Ave., Dept R&C, Pomona, CA 91766, (909) 469-6171, www.so-calspeedshop.com.

Weld Like A ProHTP America's Striker Variable welding helmet gives you all the protection you need, plus a large viewing area-1 7/8x3 3/4-inches (more than 7 sq-inches)! It also features an adjustable dark state. When the helmet darkens, you can adjust the shade from 9 to 12. So, whether you're welding sheetmetal at 25 amps or blasting 1/2-inch steel together at 240 amps, you're ensured to be adequately protected. The Striker Variable also features adjustable sensitivity, which takes into account the surrounding lighting and is an important feature. For example, if you are welding in bright sunlight, you adjust the sensitivity so the sun doesn't darken the lens, only the welding arc. An adjustable opening delay allows you to control the amount of time it takes for the helmet to go back to the light state after you have stopped welding. Or conversely, set the opening delay to the maximum setting so the lens stays dark while stitch welding. The Striker Variable also has separated On and Off buttons. When you are finished welding, you can turn the lens off, but if you forget, the lens will shut itself off automatically after 15 minutes. To get the lowdown on the Striker Variable or any of the company's vast array of welders, plasma cutters, and welding accessories, contact HTP America, 3200 Nordic Rd., Dept. R&C, Arlington Heights, IL 60005, (800) 872-9353, www.usaweld.com.

Mo' Betta BrakesIf you're building an early Ford or Merc, then you've got to check out Gearheads Cruiser Products Disc Brake Conversions for '54-67 Fords, Mercs, T-Birds, and Edsels. The kits are super complete and include single-piston calipers, your choice of dropped or stock spindles, a large-bore dual-reservoir master cylinder, or a power brake booster (for the '55-57 T-Bird there is not enough room for a modern booster, but the system works just as well). Also included are a brake valve, dust shields, set of pads, pair of 11-inch rotors, bearings, races, seals, brake hoses, and a disc brake booster-to-firewall adapter. How's that for a complete package? Plus, you get a choice of some great exclusive options like the ability to use Kelsey Hayes wheels! For more info on the complete line of Gearheads early Ford suspension, steering, and brake parts contact, Gearheads Cruiser Products & Services, 2939 Ohio St., #17, Dept. R&C, Bismarck, ND 58503, (701) 223-2269, www.ndgearheadscruiserproducts.com.