Just Cool It!Zoops Products is proud to introduce their line of FORGELITE(tm) SuperCool(tm) Engine Pulleys. The pulleys are available for Chevy small-blocks and big-blocks in short water pump configurations. These pulleys are designed with a large-diameter crank pulley of 7 3/4 inches, a 6 1/4-inch-diameter water pump pulley, and a 2 1/4-inch-diameter alternator pulley. This combination has been tested by the guys at Zoops on their personal hot rods, and the result yielded a 10- to 20-percent reduction in cooling temperatures depending on various applications. This was not a laboratory test-but an actual field test conducted in the hot Southern California desert! The optimum reduction ratio was determined to be 22 percent. The test cars consisted of the '32 Zoops coupe (injected Chevy big-block), a '65 Chevelle (480hp small-block), and a '65 Mustang (built Ford small-block). All these cars experienced a significant reduction in engine temperatures with no noticeable loss of "seat of the pants" performance. The advantages of these SuperCool(tm) pulleys are obvious-better cooling at idle and low-rpm speeds, better alternator charging and air conditioning performance at idle and low-rpm speeds, and reduced stress to engine components due to lower operating temperatures. For further information contact Zoops Products at (909) 922-2396, www.zoops.com, or your favorite Zoops distributor.

Convert It With CraneBleep...Bleep...Bleep...Attention all '57-74 GM and Ford owners, you can now convert your OEM, single-point, mechanical ignition to a maintenance-free, digital, electronic ignition with Crane's innovative XR-I conversion kit. The XR-I also provides pinpoint-accurate ignition timing without the "float," common to mechanical, point-type ignitions. It also eliminates replacing and setting "set" points, and it has a built-in rev-limiter that's adjustable from 4,000-8,000 rpm. The XR-I takes about 15 minutes to install and is fully sealed in urethane so you know it won't get dirt, oil, or moisture inside of it. To find out if this product is right for you contact Crane Cams Inc., 530 Fentress Blvd., Dept. R&C, Daytona Beach, FL 32114, (386) 252-1151, or for personal tech assistance (386) 258-6174, www.cranecams.com.

A Problem SolverIt's a Snap Wire and Cable's new ZZ-12 12-fuse box and harness is just the ticket for wiring hot rods where space is limited. The new ZZ-12 is a high-quality block that measures a diminutive 1.5x3.5 inches-so small it can be mounted in your glovebox, on your steering column, or even under a console! Along with its small size, the ZZ-12 incorporates a bevy of safety features including a heavy-duty dust cover, a totally enclosed back, a wiring harness bundle that exits from the side, and completely color-coded GXL wire. Imagine, a quality wiring system roughly the size of a pack a smokes! It's the perfect solution for that space problem you've been experiencing. For more info, contact It's a Snap, 1504 Old Moody Boulevard, Suite 1, Dept. R&C, Bunnell, FL 32110, (866) 462-7628, www.itsasnapwireandcable.com.

Fluid ControlLooking to run some tubing to deliver fuel, circulate transmission fluid, transfer brake or hydraulic fluid, supply heat to the choke, or more? Then, Classic Tube has just the tubing you need for your vehicle. Classic Tube makes stock and custom stainless tubing for almost all makes of domestic cars and trucks. Each tube meets ISO/QS-9000 standards as well as D.O.T and S.A.E. specifications. Also, each tube is pressure-tested to 6,000 psi and is formed on computer-controlled CNC machines for 100 percent accuracy. Classic Tube has steel and stainless steel fittings in S.A.E. and metric sizes and can custom-bend tubing to fit your application, so you know you won't have problems with fits or leaks. Gravel guard can also be installed on your tubing when desired, so for the best stainless tubing products check out Classic Tube, 80 Rotech Dr., Dept R&C, Lancaster, NY 14086, or call (800) 882-3711, or fax (716) 759-1014. You can also send $3 for a catalog or check 'em out on the Web at www.classictube.com.