Build Your Own Custom Exhaust System
People who are building their own custom street rods or musclecars face many choices when it comes to fitting a custom exhaust system. MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust has the solution to this, with its universal stainless steel Hot Rod Pipe Kits. These systems consist of 16-gauge, T-436 stainless steel piping, with four each of straight, pre-mandrel-bent 90- and 45-degree pipe sections and two mandrel-bent 180-degree sections. The systems also have six universal stainless hangers, with Hi-Temp rubber insulators and two two-bolt header/collector adapters with ball-flanged connections. These systems are available in 2 1/4 inches, 2 1/2- and 3-inch id. Nearly everything a hot rod or street rod builder needs for a custom exhaust is in this kit, and even better, the systems come with a lifetime warranty. For more information on this or any other MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust component, call (800) 990-0905, or visit the Web site at

All Choked Up
Barry Grant announces its new choke-equipped Road Demon Jr. carburetors. Effective immediately, all Road Demon Jr. carburetors will be equipped with an electric or manual choke. The manual-choke-equipped carburetors will be defined with a "VM" suffix to the part number; the electric choke models will have a "VE" suffix. The Road Demon Jr. is the perfect replacement carburetor for engines in cars and light trucks. The Road Demon Jr. is offered in three sizes for engines with smooth idle characteristics: 525 cfm (6282020 VM; 6282020 VE), 625 cfm (6282010 VM; 6282010 VE), and 725 cfm (6402020 VM; 6402020 VE).
Road Demon Jr. carburetors utilize a side-hung-float design, allowing the carburetor to be used in applications where clearances may be a problem. The design of the Road Demon Jr. gives it the hallmark "Demon appearance" in a more compact design and uses the Road Demon center sections featuring concentric venturi placement and the patented aero-flow air entries for better driveability and performance.

Other features include vacuum secondary; float bowls with large, EZ-Safe sight glass for safe float-level adjustment; two-corner idle adjustability; a large, trouble-free fuel transfer tube with dual-captured O-ring sealing; built-in Power Valve blow-out protection; and two constant, one ported vacuum outlets. Road Demon Jr. carburetors use Max-Density(tm) cast metering blocks to maintain accurate tuning and a Max-Density(tm) rib-reinforced cast baseplate that provides a stable platform for smooth throttle plate operation. The Road Demon Jr. is available with a Ford kick-down linkage.

Each carb is wet-flow tested and baseline calibrated at the factory and is shipped with a detailed tuning manual. For complete information, contact Demon Carburetion, A Barry Grant Inc company, 1450 McDonald Rd., Dept R&C, Dahlonega, GA 30533, (706) 864-8544, or send $5 for the latest Catalog/Technical Manual.

Far-Out Filter
Bedslead Kustoms is proud to announce the availability of their awesome new finned Aluminum Cross Air Filter assembly. These cool cleaners are cast from high-quality CAD-designed molds and are available both polished and in a plain (as cast) finish. The Cross Air Filter features deep fins, lower filter pan, hidden mount, and fuel-resistant element. The "Cross" will be the perfect finishing touch for your traditional-styled rod or custom. For more info or to place your order, contact Bedslead Kustoms, 2007 S. Vine Ave., Dept. R&C, Ontario, CA 91762, or on the Web at

Way-Cool Clamps
Made For You Products' full line of aircraft-quality, nylon, single and double T-clamps separate, organize, and support all of your vehicle's tubing, hose, and wire for a professional chassis and under-hood appearance. Especially important for high-performance applications, they provide protection from heat, vibration, and chaffing. Unaffected by automotive fluids, they are less abrasive than aluminum, non-conductive, and will not deteriorate, melt, fade, corrode, or oxidize. They're also now available in over two-dozen size combinations to fit from 3/16- to 1 1/16-inch diameter lines. Popular colors are available individually packaged or in complete kits and include stainless steel mounting hardware. For more info on these and the complete Made For You product line, contact Made For You Products, LLC, P.O. Box 720700, Dept. R&C, Pinon Hills, CA 92372, (760) 868-6962.

See It Before You Paint It!
Have you ever had to rely on a paint chip or artist's rendering to get an idea of what your actual hot rod or custom would look like after it's painted? Now, with InstaColor Pre-Paint Preview Service, you can actually see any color and/or graphics on your specific vehicle before buying the paint or having the paint job done. This new service can be used to create and preview any vehicle in any color, including multi-color paint schemes and graphics such as flames, scallops, fades, lettering, logos, two-tones, murals, and more.

"The process is fairly simple," explains Sam Harmon, creator of InstaColor. "All we need is a quality front 3/4 image of the vehicle, with a list of colors the customer would like to see it painted in. Within 48 hours, we can send back high-end photo proofs of the vehicle with the new colors requested, sending them either by standard mail or instantaneously over the Internet. We could even change the colors and E-mail images while talking on the phone to the customer!

"The feedback from builders and owners of some very famous show cars has been very positive, with appreciation for the realism and versatility of the finished proofs," said Harmon. "Our research came from working with photos of show cars, such as Dave Hall's incredible blue 'NewMad' and Ron Whiteside's Chip Foose-designed '34 Mercury coupe. We wrapped the photos in a multitude of mild and wild color variations. It was amazing to see the personalities of these famous rides change so dramatically by applying different paint schemes to them, and so quickly."

InstaColor is a division of Impact Advertising Services, a company that specializes in automotive advertising and design. For the past six years, Impact Advertising has produced the T-shirts, programs, posters, and advertising for the Grand National Roadster Show, the Sacramento Autorama, the Portland Rod & Custom Show, and the Seattle Roadster Show. For more information on InstaColor's Prepaint Preview Service, call (503) 233-4408 or visit the InstaColor Web site at

Hot Rod & Custom ArtworkNew from the easel of renowned automotive artist Kent Bash is this open-edition print entitled "House Of Horrors" from the Cool Ones series, printed on a heavy, 18x24 acid-free stock. You can order your own print for $20 plus shipping and handling, and check out lots more hot rod art at Kent's Web site,

Trick Threads
Are these shirts "Tooooo Cooool" or what! Once again the motorheads inhabiting the graphic arts department over at Gearhead Planet have come up with a flock of new shirt styles that reflect an uncanny insight into the custom car and hot rod markets. No matter if you're drawn in by the classic appeal of the enticing "Lady Luck" images or the hard-core, in-your-face impressions produced by the "Hot Rod Cross" or "Devil's Wrench," you'll be way-cool in any of these awesome Ts. Recognized throughout the industry for their creative designs, attention to detail, use of brilliant fade-resistant colors, and the highest-quality 100 percent cotton fabric, Gearhead Planet offers automotive and motorcycle enthusiasts the finest, crowd-stopping, custom Ts on the market. To order yours or inquire into having a line of shirts designed exclusively for your business, club, or event, go to or call (800) 861-5261.

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