A Demon For All SeasonsWhen it comes to carbs, one size does not fit all. Vehicle weight, cam design, and gearing are just a few factors hot rodders must consider when selecting a fuel meter. That's why Barry Grant makes several versions of the Demon carb, from the more docile Road Demons to the powerful Speed Demons and Mighty Demons. Which is best for you? Barry Grant's Carb Selection Guide, found inside the company's latest catalog, can help you decide. A color key helps you understand idle characteristics and cam profiles so you can correctly match a carb to your car. For details, contact Demon Carburetion, 1450 McDonald Rd., Dept. R&C, Dahlonega, GA 30533; (706) 864-8544; www.barrygrant.com.

Retro BilletBudnik Wheels and So-Cal Speed Shop have teamed up to create the Muroc II So-Cal Special, a "traditionally-styled wheel that fits both early- and late-model applications," according to So-Cal President Pete Chapouris. The polished wheel features a soft billet center and rolled outer rim that emulates cast wheels from the '50s. Available in four introductory sizes (16x7, 18x7, 19x8, and 20x10) the wheels can be purchased in bolt-on configurations (including one for the Chevrolet SSR) or in knock-off style. For more information, contact So-Cal Speed Shop, 1357 E. Grand Ave., Dept. R&C, Pomona, CA 91766; (909) 469-6171; www.so-calspeedshop.com.

No-Jive FiveReal hot rods have three pedals, so why not consider a Tremec TKO five-speed from Transmission Technologies? This tough gearbox (it'll handle 600 hp) is designed for versatility with an internal shift-rail system accommodating up to eight shifter locations, ranging from 14 to 27 inches from the bellhousing face. An optional shifter can also provide a 2-inch offset from centerline. The trans comes with an electronic and mechanical speedometer pickup and a neutral safety switch. A billet short-throw shifter is also available. Ford and GM versions can be had with one of several gear ratio sets. For details, contact Transmission Technologies Corp., 23382 Commerce Dr., Dept. R&C, Farmingon Hills, MI 48335; (248) 471-3200; www.ttcautomotive.com.

Short & SweetMany rod cabins are cramped enough without a tall nostalgia shifter, yet that classic curved shape is tough to resist. Don't worry; Lokar's got you covered with its new 16-inch Nostalgia Shifter. The shorter design retains the classic two-bend look and is topped with a black mushroom knob (skull and 8-ball accessory knobs are also available). Best of all, you get modern safety functions like a Teflon-lined safety lockout button and neutral safety switch. For more information, contact Lokar Performance Products, 10924 Murdock Dr., Dept. R&C, Knoxville, TN 37932; (865) 966-2269; www.lokar.com.

Affordable AirThere's no reason to blow your cool now that Route 66 Hot Rod Parts has affordable air conditioning systems. The company's Hyper Kool I and II units are complete heat, cool, and defrost systems that include vents, billet control panels, compressors, condensers, compressor brackets (SBC or BBC), and hose kits. The low introductory pricing won't last long, so you'd better check in soon. Contact Route 66 Hot Rod Parts & Repairs, 8528 Watson Rd., Dept. R&C, St. Louis, MO 63119; (866) 787-7637; www.route66hotrodparts.com.