Mirror, MirrorDo you want a rearview mirror with a completely custom look that's as unique as the rest of your vehicle? Jardine Performance Products has the answer with its Mix & Match Billet Mirrors. You choose the arm design and head design you like best from more than 50 part numbers, meaning there's hundreds of possible combinations. All designs utilize a maintenance-free pivot system that uses no screw and will not come loose, plus convex-glass mirrors for maximum viewing area. The billet aluminum housings and arms feature show-quality chrome plating for the perfect finishing touch. For more information, contact Jardine Performance Products, 1180 W. Railroad St., Dept. R&C, Corona, CA 92882; (909) 739-5900; www.jardineproducts.com.

Plug InA performance ignition relies on proper charging system input, so it makes sense for MSD Ignition to offer a high-output alternator. Advanced Power System alternators feature special rectifiers with 50-amp diodes to improve control and reliability, regulators with surface-mount technology to protect from high-voltage spikes, and heavy-duty bearings for endurance. The windings are made from an elite material with more strength and efficient current-carrying capabilities than standard wiring, while CNC-machined aluminum housings feature innovative Slide-Loc mounting for versatility. Two alternator models (direct plug-in and one-wire) can be had in 105, 130-, and 160-amp versions. For details, contact MSD Ignition, 1490 Henry Brennan Dr., Dept. R&C, El Paso, TX 79936; (915) 857-5200; www.msdignition.com.

Immaculate TwinsDual-quad fans have more options now that Barry Grant offers Road Demon Juniors designed for dual inline and tunnel-ram applications. Available in 525-, 625-, and 725-cfm ratings, these versatile carbs align eight venturi bores with corresponding intake runners, offering superb distribution, crisp throttle response, and great performance. Other attributes include vacuum secondaries, compact side-hung bowls with sight glasses, two-corner idle adjustment, secondary metering plates, simple inline linkage, and signature Demon appearance. Each carb is wet-flow tested and baseline calibrated at the factory and comes with a detailed tuning manual. For details, contact Demon Carburetion, 1450 McDonald Rd., Dept. R&C, Dahlonega, GA 30533; (706) 864-8544; www.barrygrant.com.

Whole Lotta LinkageUp in Oregon, Northwest Speed Equipment is doing its part to provide new stuff that looks old. A perfect case in point is the company's line of high-quality, fully progressive linkage kits. Available for 3x2, 4x2, and 6x2 applications, the kits can be assembled and custom tailored to fit just about anything. They're made in the USA using quality aluminum and stainless steel components. Prices range from $49.99 to $169.99 for most applications. Be sure to check out NWSE's velocity stacks, Stromberg parts, and Nailhead equipment, too. For details, contact Northwest Speed Equipment, 31612 Hwy. 213 S., Dept. R&C, Molalla, OR 97038; (503) 829-2692; www.northwestspeedequipment.com.

Gettin' HornyYou may think you know all about small-block Chevy "ram's horn" exhaust manifolds, but you've never seen any like these new versions from Speedway Motors. Speedway started with a clean-sheet design to create a cast-iron manifold that flows like a header, has a distinctive traditional shape, and provides the tight-fit design so many rodders need. Tell your friends they're rare factory experimental parts, or use the manifolds to give your SBC an even more convincing Y-block makeover. For more information, contact Speedway Motors, P.O. Box 81906, Dept. R&C, Lincoln, NE 68501; (402) 323-3200; www.speedwaymotors.com.

Keep It Sta-BilThe snow is about to start flying-is your ride ready for storage? If not, you may want to put some Sta-Bil in your tank. New formula STA-BIL is really three additives in one-in addition to its well-known fuel stabilizing benefits, it also includes a water remover and fuel system cleaner. When used as directed, it helps keep fresh fuel from oxidizing, disperses and removes water molecules to protect against rust in your fuel tank, and removes power-robbing deposits from the fuel system. It's just the thing for long winter storage, and can actually provide benefits year-round, particularly in hobby vehicles that are not used on a regular basis. For details, contact Gold Eagle Products, 4400 South Kildare, Dept. R&C, Chicago, IL 60632; (800) 621-1251; www.goldeagle.com.

Sled StoppersDisc brakes have been available for '49-51 Mercurys for some time, but typically require you to change the bolt pattern on the front wheels. Now Fatman Fabrications offers a kit with the same 5-on-5.5-inch pattern as original Mercs, so you can retain the stock rear axle and have matching wheels. The kit is a bolt-on, though you'll have to exchange your spindles with a set machined to accept Fatman's new aluminum hubs, 11.5-inch rotors, and large OEM calipers. Naturally, you'll want to change your master cylinder to accept discs, and 15-inch or larger wheels must be used. For more info on these and other suspension parts, contact Fatman Fabrications, 8621-C Fairview Rd., Dept. R&C, Charlotte, NC 28227; (704) 545-0369; www.fatmanfab.com.

Shock TherapyChris Alston's chassis expertise is now available in VariShocks, a new shock and coilover line for rods and customs. The aluminum-bodied shocks are built with all-new, American-made components, assembled and dyno-tested in-house for optimum quality and repeatability. Valving is adjustable without unbolting the shocks-a control knob changes bump and rebound simultaneously on the QuickSet 1 (shown); the QuickSet 2 has separate bump and rebound controls. Available with urethane eyes or spherical bearings, VariShock eyes have more urethane and more clearance around the mounting brackets than other designs, and the one-piece lower spring seat does not require a lock nut-it's easily unlocked for adjustment using an Allen wrench. QuickSet 1 and 2 models are available in six travel lengths. For details, contact Chris Alston's Chassisworks, 8661 Younger Creek Dr., Dept. R&C, Sacramento, CA 95828; (800) 722-2269; www.cachassisworks.com.