Potent PufferFor rodders looking to add a supercharger to their Chevy engines equipped with Vortec cylinder heads, Weiand has just the ticket with their new 142 roots-style supercharger and intake manifold package for just such an application.

These street-performance blowers use a new CNC-machined two-lobe rotor design that no other centrifugal blower can compete with. Out of the box the Weiand 142 produces 3 to 6 lbs of boost, but can be adjusted up to 12 lbs with a simple pulley change. They're available in both satin and polished finishes and all hardware and detailed instructions are included. For more information, contact Holley Tech Service at (270) 781-9741; www.weiand.com.

Fresh Hot HubsAlways a leader with hot rod steering components, Flaming River Industries has released new billet aluminum steering wheel hubs for aftermarket steering wheels. The new design incorporates five- and six-bolt steering wheel mounting patterns to ease the selection process and allow easy changeover from one bolt pattern to another, without added cost. The new hubs include the tapered adapter (shown) and a bell adapter. This changeover includes the GM column adapter for attaching aftermarket wheels to stock GM columns. For more information, contact Flaming River at (866) 815-3673; www.flamingriver.com.

Rockin' RockersIf rust in your '41-48 Ford closed passenger car has you down, EMS Automotive Products has the restoration pieces to get you smiling again. EMS has brand-new rocker box assemblies for '41-48 Ford passenger cars among their many other sheetmetal repair pieces. These complex and hard-to-repair rocker boxes are crucial in supporting the body of these vehicles. To ensure accurate shapes and curves for the best possible fit, EMS pieces are die-stamped in thick 18-gauge steel. To accommodate running board mounting, all tapped nuts are pre-welded in the new rocker boxes and each comes shipped in a rust-free protective container. For more information, contact EMS Automotive Products at (216) 541-4585; www.emsautomotive.com.

Ford Overdrive AdapterWith the resurgence of the Ford FE engine for many different car applications, FB Performance has developed a complete line of Ford AOD (four-speed) transmissions and torque converters. They include lockup and non-lockup configurations, as well as having either fully automatic or full manual type shift characteristics. The standard gear ratios are 2.40, 1.57, 1.00, and a 0.67 overdrive to keep the engine purring at high speeds while also keeping the gas tank filled longer. An optional low gear set is also available.

These overdrive transmissions are rated from between 300 hp to 900 hp to accommodate all types of street and strip applications and have been developed with ease of installation in mind. They all use the same type of SFI-approved adapter bellhousing that accommodates the original 184-tooth flexplate and starter. Prior to shipment, all units are dyno tested and set up on an in-house FE block to insure proper converter clearances. For more information, contact FB Performance Transmissions at (800) 769-1118; www.fbperformance.com.

Chopping and Sectioning on TVIn their brand-new one-hour and 40-minute video/DVD, Ron Covell and Joe McGlynn collaborate on a project inspired by our very own historic Rod & Custom Dream Truck. You'll see top chopping, sectioning, and hood pie cutting shown in unusually clear detail, with an ongoing commentary that brings out many of the fine points of the project. While this is big-time metalworking, Ron and Joe show how it can be done with basic tools in the home shop. It's like having the instructors right in your own living room. For more information, contact Covell Creative Metalworking at (800) 747-4631 or (831) 768-0705; www.covell.biz.

Cooler CoiloversAldan Eagle Shock Absorbers, the company that has made the ride smoother in many a hot rod, has done it again with the introduction of their new coilover shock absorber, the Eagle Two. After extensive testing of the new Eagle Two on both the street and the track, Aldan was pleased to find that results surpassed all expectations. The Eagle Two is a non-adjustable coilover aimed at budget-minded rodders. Features include T6 aluminum construction, nitrogen charged, 18 different spring rates available, and it's fully rebuildable. For more information, contact Aldan Eagle Sock Absorbers at (310) 834-7478; www.aldaneagle.com.