Portable PowerThe folks at Black & Decker recently hooked up the R&C staff with a tool we found to be invaluable on the '05 run of the Asphalt Ego-Rama. The handy all-in-one tool is the brand-new Electromate 400 that can power and charge AC and DC appliances, jumpstart another car, and can even inflate tires. The cordless rechargeable unit packs a whopping 450 amps of instant starting power, 400 watts of portable power supply (which came in handy to power our testing equipment once the batteries died), and a built-in inflator that worked perfectly for setting the participants' tire pressure on the dragstrip and slalom course. Black & Decker has long been know as a handtool innovator and continues that legacy with the new Electromate 400. For more information, contact Black & Decker at (800) 544-6986; www.blackanddecker.com.

Cruise ControlTo make your hot rod journeys even more enjoyable, Flaming River now offers a billet cruise control activator system that can be located on the steering wheel, dashboard, or console. The kit includes everything to complete your cruise control system. New technology wireless cruise activation keeps your interior streamlined and clutter-free. Best of all, no steering column modifications are required. For more information, contact Flaming River Industries Inc. at (440) 826-4488; www.flamingriver.com

Perfect PedalsWhy buy a beat-up, rusted pedal set that you have to spend time and money repairing when you can buy a new reproduction set that is ready to bolt to an original '32 Ford crossmember? Rocky Mountain Hot Rod offers a brand-new pedal set built for the hot rodder who wants to use a Ford Flathead V-8 with an original Ford three-speed transmission or the rodder who is restoring a '32 Ford. This brake and clutch set is CNC-cut and assembled in a fixture for a functionally perfect reproduction, including mounts for '32 Ford pedal pads. Also available are the handy mounting bracket for a hydraulic master cylinder and the hydraulic brake linkage ready to bolt right in your car. For more information, contact Rocky Mountain Hot Rod at (303) 520-4978; www.rockymountainhotrod.com.

Cool InjectionHolley's trick Commander 950 MPFI system is now available for all Chevy Vortec engines and includes manifolds, ECU, harness, and all accessories for a complete installation. This new EFI will not only improve your hot rod's underhood appeal, but it will boost both performance and mileage. Also consult Holley for additional components designed to further enhance your ride's performance. For more information, contact Holley Performance Products Russellville Rd. at (270) 780-1824; www.holley.com

Sticky SituationSteele Rubber Products has been supplying rodders and restorers with products to keep the leaks and squeaks out of their rides for decades. Their latest offering is a peel-and-stick-backed rubber extrusion for general-purpose use on all types of fiberglass-bodied street rods. It's available in 10ft sections so you can cut it to size for your special rod or custom. For more information, contact Steele Rubber Products at (704) 483-9343; www.steelerubber.com.

X-FactorDynomax offers the latest in innovative muffler design with their fully welded aluminized steel performance muffler with a flow tube assembly X-pipe included inside. The stylish and well-designed unit combines a muffler and X-pipe all in one package, which is extremely important when trying to squeeze pieces under an already cramped hot rod. Inlet and outlet sizes are available from 2.25 to 3.50 inches. For more information, contact Tenneco Automotive at (517) 796-6588; www.dynomax.com.

A-OK A-ArmsSpecialty Products has introduced some new trick custom arms for Mustang II-based suspensions for use with both stock or dropped spindles. With these newly designed A-arms you can easily adjust the upper arms for maximum handling and minimized tire wear. Perfect for all Mustang II-equipped street rods and custom vehicles. For more information, contact Specialty Products Co. at (303) 772-2103.