Lead Work, Lost Art?Steve Frisbie, owner of Steve's Auto Restorations (SAR), has just completed a how-to instructional DVD on body lead work. Steve is one of America's premier coachbuilders, known for his buildups of the RealMad and the NewMad in recent years featuring his own personal lead work.

The SAR DVD is helpful for beginners and professionals with its demonstrations and simplified techniques of lead work. Also discussed is the kind of tools and products you'll need to get started, with understandable steps to complete the job. You'll learn how to access the job, prepare the metal, use the torch for proper application of the tinning and lead processes, accurately use the wood paddles in shaping the lead, and the appropriate technique of filing it smooth. You'll also learn the benefits of lead work versus plastic fillers and how to avoid final-finish problems that arise when done incorrectly. For more information, contact Steve's Auto Restorations Inc. at (503) 665-2222.

American SteelCustom cars have been built all over the world, but nobody builds 'em with the guts, style, and muscle of American Steel! You know it-now show it with this hot new painting from automotive artist George Trosley. Reproduced in brilliant full color on double-weight, acid-free paper, each 11x17-inch limited-edition print is signed and numbered by the artist and personalized if you wish, then shipped next-day in super sturdy mailing tubes. Every garage wall will be proud to wear these colors! For more information, contact George Trosley at www.georgetrosley.com.

Bezel BuzzSanta Margarita Stainless Works proudly announces the release of their line of custom products, which includes their totally new '39 Ford taillight bezels. SMSW currently offers their trick new bezels in two styles-the rib and the chamfer, which are available in either 6061-T6 aluminum or stainless steel. Custom features include no visible mounting hardware on the front face for a super clean look. Matching license plate frames are also available. All bezels come complete with taillight assembly ready to install. For more information, contact Enos Custom Components at (805) 544-8503, or Santa Margarita Stainless Works at (805) 471-8210; www.santamargaritastainlessworks.com.

Vibration AbsorberThe COMP Cams Vibration Absorber Carburetor Spacer prevents both high-rpm lean out and irregular fuel atomization, and insulates against power-robbing engine heat transfer. In dyno testing, the 1-inch-tall billet aluminum spacer has been proven to eliminate harmful harmonics and vibration that can cause fuel dropout, netting increased horsepower potential, and improved drivability. They're built for use with 4150-, 4500-, and 2300-model four-barrel carburetors. For more information, contact COMP Cams at (800) 999-0853; www.compcams.com.

Intense IntakeAluminum intake manifolds are notoriously difficult to chrome plate, which is why the RealChrome Intake Manifold line from Professional Products is big news. The RealChrome process utilizes specially designed anodes to evenly apply the chrome plating, which eliminates the yellow, thinly chromed areas often found on expensive custom-chromed manifolds. Professional Products starts with a laboriously hand-polished performance manifold, adds the nickel plating, and then applies three uniform layers of gorgeous chrome for an unmatched, long-lasting finish. RealChrome Intake Manifolds are available for popular '57-95 small-block Chevy engines, big-block Chevy with oval port heads, small-block Ford 260-289-302, and small-block Ford 351 Windsor. For more information, contact Professional Products at (323) 779-2020; www.professional-products.com.