Return Of The Big TRevell-Monogram is very excited to announce the re-introduction of its Big T Street Rod model, in 1/8-scale. This is a faithful reproduction down to the tiniest details of the model originally produced in 1962. Over the years some of the molds to reproduce this original version had been damaged or destroyed, but Revell-Monogram was lucky enough to have Roger Harney, the original designer of the Big T model, still working for the company. It's a little known fact that the design for the Big T came from Roger when he created the model. This original design was later copied into a fullsize replica not once but twice.

This impressive model kit is loaded with parts allowing the builder to choose to build it one of three different ways. With the extra pieces included, builders can choose between the original Big T, or build it as an early style hot rod or a show rod. For more information about Monogram products, visit, or contact your favorite dealer.

Buick Brakes For Ford RearsThe 9-inch Factory, a leading supplier of high-performance 9-inch Ford rearends to the street rod industry, announces the availability of its Buick-style aluminum rear drum brake kit. The big 11x2 1/4-inch brakes come either plain or polished to fit the Ford rearend's popular Torino flange, and are shipped assembled and ready to install-just bolt them on and wipe off your fingerprints. You can also order the backing plates already chromed (as shown), making life even better. The 9-inch Factory specializes in custom-length 9-inch Ford rears with a variety of brake choices and centersection options, including limited slips, Posi-tractions, and the new-style Detroit lockers. For more information, contact The 9-inch Factory (Div. of John's Ind. Inc.) at (800) 332-3450.

Powertrain Packages From JBJon Barrett Hot Rod Engines announces the expansion of its Total Powertrain Program, and leading their new lineup is a 330hp small-block Chevy and 700-R4 automatic overdrive package. The new engine and transmission combinations are supplied as turnkey units equipped with everything-right down to the dipsticks. All accessory brackets are worked out for you, and polished accessories such as alternator, water pump, and high-torque gear reduction starter are made in the USA by Tuff Stuff and supplied as standard equipment. Every engine is pre-run before it's shipped, and for an extra charge, they'll paint your engine to order-just send your paint code. The extensive list of options includes a wide array of custom accessories on a complete lineup of big-block and small-block engines. For more information, contact Jon Barrett at (800) 342-6015 or (877) 943-7040;