Powerhouse Products' Tight-Fit Spark Plug Sockets are fully CNC-machined from 15-5 stainless steel aircraft alloy and are properly heat-treated. The header socket internal hex, which connects to the spark plug, is electronically cut and built to provide a lifetime of use. For more information, contact Powerhouse Products, 3402 Democrat Rd., Dept. R&C, Memphis, TN 38118; (800) 872-7223.

The Dominator
Flaming River Industries, working in conjunction with Leonard Lopez of Dominator Motorsports, introduces the first major improvement to straight-axle suspensions in decades, The DominAtor dual-pivot straight front axle, complete with rack-and-pinion steering. Long a mainstay of street rodding, the straight-axle has been a must-have for roadsters as well as other rods, particularly Ford-based '32-40 cars and trucks. The DominAtor front axle assembly retains the straight-axle's classic look, but with dramatically improved suspension performance. The heart of The DominAtor front axle is a dual-pivot, twin-arm design mated to a power or manual true rack-and-pinion steering system. The dual-pivot, independent twin-arm design delivers dramatically improved front suspension travel while eliminating the bumpsteer inherent to straight-axle suspension.

A specifically designed manual or power rack-and-pinion assembly provides positive steering response to the driver's input. The DominAtor front axle is offered in a standard 48-inch track with a 5-inch drop and coilover shocks, is available in a narrowed (or pinched) design, wishbone or four-link suspension with manual or power steering, and uses early Ford-style spindles. It can be installed into new construction or retrofitted into existing cars or trucks. For more information, contact Flaming River Industries, 800 Poertner Dr., Dept. R&C, Berea, OH 44017; (866) 815-3669.

Iron Performance
The latest in cylinder head technology has just arrived with the new RHS Vortec Iron Performance Cylinder Heads, which, according to RHS, deliver superior flow characteristics over all other previously available iron small-block heads. In comparison to the popular GM 906 casting, the RHS Vortec cylinder heads deliver 27 more cfm at 0.500-inch lift. Constructed from high-quality cast iron, these heads are perfect for racing classes where iron heads (standard 2.02-inch intake and 1.600-inch exhaust valve sizing) are required. Featuring dual-pattern (four- and six-bolt) intake compatibility, they work with virtually any intake manifold (including early style) rather than Vortec-style components only, which has been a limiting factor in the past.

Equipped with hardened exhaust seats, multi-angle performance inlet valve seats, and Fast Burn 64cc combustion chambers, the new RHS Vortec heads are perfect for both race and street performance applications. For more information, contact Racing Head Service, 3416 Democrat Rd., Dept. R&C, Memphis, TN 38118; (877) 776-4323.