Spiffy LiftersCOMP Cams introduces its new Pro Magnum Retro-Fit Hydraulic Roller Lifters designed to fit three classic Chrysler platforms. The COMP Cams-designed hydraulic roller lifters for Chrysler small-block (273-360 cid), big-block (383-440 cid), and Hemi (426 cid) engines yield the ultimate in durability, as well as better throttle response, increased engine vacuum, and top-end horsepower. Specifically designed to perform at higher engine speeds, these lifters resist "pump up," therefore increasing the engine's upper rpm limit.

For more information, contact COMP Cams, 3406 Democrat Rd., Dept. R&C, Memphis, TN 38118; (800) 999-0853.

Xtreme Energy Cams For Chrysler HemisWith a legacy of performance dating back beyond the classic musclecar era, Chrysler engines have historically been a favorite choice of hot rod enthusiasts and racers. Now COMP Cams has developed a new line of camshafts to introduce the newest valvetrain technology to three popular Chrysler engine platforms. Extensively tested and engineered specifically for the unique induction requirements of these engines, the new Xtreme Energy Retro-Fit Hydraulic Roller Camshafts utilize modern "fast ramp" hydraulic roller lobe technology to dramatically increase the horsepower and drivability of these three classic Chrysler engines. When used with COMP's new Pro Magnum Chrysler Retro-Fit Hydraulic Roller lifters, these totally new camshaft designs deliver the ultimate valvetrain performance upgrade, without sacrificing long-term durability. For more information, contact COMP Cams, 3406 Democrat Rd., Dept. R&C, Memphis, TN 38118; (800) 999-0853.

Gambino Kustoms' Top Notch KitThis eight-piece weld-in step notch for '49-54 Chevy passenger-car applications from Gambino Kustoms is made from heavy-duty 3/16-inch PNO mild steel, which is laser cut and CNC formed. These notches were designed specifically for deeply lowered '49-54 Chevys, and especially for extremists who want to "put it on the ground" and run tall bias-ply tires. The notch is designed to work with the back seat brace angle and still center the axle in the notch. This saves you both time and work because you don't have to re-fabricate the area that supports the back of the rear seat.

In case you were not aware, most universal notches don't center the axle, require cutting into the back seat brace, or are made from thinner gauge steel. For more information, contact Gambino Kustoms, 645 Horning St., Dept. R&C, San Jose, CA 95112; (408) 561-5744.